• ロケーション: Istanbul, Turkey
  • 所要時間: 5時間 (約)


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投稿者: Joel R , 2016年 6月

Potentially our favorite thing we did in Istanbul! We felt like locals and went to some great places that only locals would know about. Great experience and our tour guide was extremely knowledgable and very pleasant! Would most definitely tell anyone to do this!

投稿者: Jeanette D , 2016年 6月

A great way to become comfortable with Istanbul right away!

投稿者: Amanda W , 2016年 5月

This tour was great. The guide was really pleasant and knew his stuff. Got to try many different food establishments. Great night out. Would highly recommend.

投稿者: Suzie K , 2015年 4月

Absolutely loved the tour, excellent food well apart from the tripe soup! our favourite part was playing okey in the men's club, such a non touristy experience.....we searched istanbul until we found a boxed set to take home!

投稿者: philip cooper C , 2015年 4月

great Guide
Food not so good
Avoid the seafood i.e. mussels
i suffered the next day

投稿者: Andrew F , 2014年 10月

This was a really fun and interesting tour. I don't remember our guide's name but she was very well-spoken and interesting, and we had a chance to try some truly local foods that I would very likely not have sampled on my own. The tour was well-paced and we visited some truly local restaurants/cafes as well as the famous Cicek Pasaji. It was also interesting walking along Istiklal Street at nighttime and seeing all the foot traffic. This was a great tour and I highly recommend it.

投稿者: CLAUDIA LORENA V , 2014年 6月

Excelente tour, una guia muy amable, te llevan a lo mas tipico de Estambul con una variedad increible de sabores y lugares por conocer. Todo excelente y super recomendable sin duda uno de mis mejores tours!

投稿者: PETRONILHA C , 2014年 5月

Adorei!!! É a minha terceira ida a Istanbul e dos seis lugares visitados, somente conhecia um. A guia??? Uma graça!!! Está aprendendo português e, de quebra, leu a borra do café de todos. Super vale a pena.

投稿者: Jay M , 2014年 2月

Yuke (and your brother), thanks for the tour and showing me great Turkish hospitality. I pretty much enjoyed everything I ate and drank. Along with the historical and social commentary behind the food and areas we walked through, I appreciated the candid and unscripted discussions throughout the night. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone. For me, it was a great intro into the Turkish culture.

投稿者: GFLH , 2013年 12月

Exzellente Kollektion verschiedener Aspekte des türkischen Nachtlebens. ich kann mich nicht entscheiden, ob ich den Besuch im Spielhaus mit and quot;OK and quot; besser fand als das selbständige Zubereiten von Kebab oder die Berteitstellung von Innereien oder eines Kaffees. Aus meiner Sicht - beim dritten Besuch von Istanbul- eine tief beeindruckende Erfahrung. Ich würde diese Wundertour wieder buchen!!

投稿者: Randa M , 2013年 12月

I highly recommed this tour if you like to try new dishs. We went to like 5 different restaurants, a bakery, and 2 coffee shop. Our tour guide was Uuke Celik a young lady full of energy. She made the trip amazing :)

投稿者: Kelly , 2013年 7月

Sharp, well-informed, spunky guide took me to a variety of food and historical places. Lots of walking involved along uneven pavement... so if you're not comfortable walking briskly on cobblestones you should give this a pass. Otherwise, I highly recommend this fun and informative tour.

投稿者: kazianna78 , 2013年 6月

We booked this for our first night in Istanbul, hoping it would be a good way to familiarize ourselves with the city while also taking care of dinner. The tour accomplished both objectives, and then some!

It was so much more fun than we had expected. Our guide Selma did a great job of making the evening enjoyable for us and the other couple on the tour.

In addition to getting a tour of the Beyoglu nightlife, we got a tile game lesson in a traditional tea house, a charcoal grilled kebab on a hidden rooftop terrace, kokorec with hot peppers, melons and fresh cheese as we were serenaded with live gypsy music, and topped off the evening with tripe soup at a streetside table.

The food was great, but what made the tour special was the experiences. I don't think we could have found some of these places and experiences on our own, especially not the first night.

I highly recommend this tour.

投稿者: Karl G , 2013年 2月

This was a fun way to be introduced to Istanbul and a great wait to experience some new culinary delights in a new city. The guide was very dedicated, professional and was proud to share her culture. Will definitely recommend to others. Great job!

投稿者: Peggy B , USA, 2013年 2月

The guide was very knowledgeable. Excellent English and a very fun evening. A must do.

投稿者: Blanca , United Kingdom, 2013年 1月

This tour was a great oportunity to get to know more about Turkish cuisine and try a few things out. We were taken to a few hidden spots where there were mainly locals, which we really enjoyed. We also had some Turkish coffee and the typical liquor, raki. The live music was great too, very authentic!

投稿者: Michael S , 2014年 11月

Much better than expected. The guide was really good and the places visited wher off the tourist route. A good insight into Turkey life after dark.

投稿者: Sistatraveller , United Kingdom, 2014年 9月

The guide was knowledge, friendly and very good company. I enjoyed the company, the food and drink. It was a great introduction to Istanbul, especially at the weekend.

投稿者: Shona S , 2013年 12月

Concept of the tour is great and offers opportunity to try different local dishes and experience venues and customs you wouldn't necessarily find yourself, including a rooftop bar. It was very enjoyable - there were just 2 of us on the tour which was a bit of a bonus. Another plus is they collect you at your hotel and return you at the end of the evening. The guide unfortunately cut the evening short by 1 hour by not going to the live music venue per the promotional brochure - pity.

投稿者: Madeline A , 2013年 12月

We had a wonderful evening with Sanem our guide. We were in fact the only two people on the tour. We were picked up from our hotel and taken to the new part of Istanbul. Sanem was full of enthusiasm and told us a lot about Istanbul. We went to a bakers, then to a backstreet cafe where a lot of older men were playing a game, and Sanem showed us how to play the game. We then went to a restaurant and had kebabs and raki. We did not grill our own as advertised. We went to several other restaurants and tried other food, We ended sitting outside a coffee bar, where there were a lot of young people. We were then taken back to our hotel. The evening was really enhanced by Sanem who told us such a lot, and we both had a very enjoyable evening.

投稿者: babbitybowster , 2013年 12月

I thought it was a great introduction to Turkish cuisine. Our guide was very friendly and approachable. My group was very impressed by the tour.

投稿者: Elizabeth S , 2013年 12月

Guide was very good. It was more of tour of night life than food. I was a little disappointed by the food being not so good. We signed up for the food than the actual night tour.

投稿者: Ann-Sophie D , 2013年 6月

Mycket trevligt att röra sej bland den inhemska befolkningen och inte mest bland turister! Väldigt god mat och trevligt bemötande överallt. Vår guide Yuke var kunnig och professionell, utan henne hade det definitivt inte varit samma spännande upplevelse! Synd bara att vi inte anmält att vi hade en glutenintolerant person i sällskapet - det ingick mer bröd i maten än vi räknat med.

投稿者: Jason A , 2013年 6月

Kind guide with strong English.

投稿者: Jane S T , 2016年 4月

Interesting tour even if we didn't get offered all the promised food. Guide was amusing but consentration was needed to understand his English. The tour finished over an hour earlier than advertised and the food at the second restaurant was disappointly bland.