• ツアーコード: 5555GUATIKYAX
  • ロケーション: Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • 所要時間: 2日 (約)

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Awesome views

JAM, 2015年 11月

This is form Tikal Temple number 4

Jungle roads

JAM, 2015年 11月

The roads are in the middle of the jungle!

A lot of steps

JAM, 2015年 11月

There are a lot for pyramids and temples that can be climbed, the majority of them have wood stairs but there are a few were you can climb with the original stone stairs.

Tour minivan

JAM, 2015年 11月

The minivan is comfortable, the road trips are about 1 hour to get to the place.

Plane Hangar

JAM, 2015年 11月

You depart from behind the airport, not the main entrance since its local flight.

In the waiting room there is a mini cafeteria with sanwiches, cookies and drinks, very expensi

The plane is a ATR with two propellers, there is a flight assistant that will give you snack and drink in the flight.