• ロケーション: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 所要時間: 20分 (約)

12.92 から



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投稿者: Mrs Mary A W , 2016年 7月

A very easy way of leaving and returning to airport. Very little waiting around

投稿者: Daniel Colin W , 2012年 9月

Very good

投稿者: Terence P , 2012年 6月

Excellent transfer from Landvetter to Gothenberg City centre Hotel

投稿者: nigel m , 2012年 6月

A very clean and tidy coach with a very helpful and friendly driver

投稿者: Marilyn L , 2016年 6月

The airport bus was easy to find on arrival at Landvetter Airport, and was speedy and efficient.
However, on the return trip, it was necessary to get on at the beginning of the route at Central Station, as the bus filled up very quickly on a Friday afternoon, and passengers waiting at stops further along the line could not get on.

投稿者: B E , 2011年 8月

Good service, however the bus driver did not recognise my signed e-tickets on out-going and return journeys. I was sure that I printed-off the right bit. Both drivers let me travel anyway.

投稿者: lucy_macleod_ , 2016年 9月

This is an easy way to get to Gothenburg , clean with free wifi and very regular . The reason I and #39;ve only given 3 stars is due to the fact that neither of the drivers accepted the voucher , and had no idea what it was ! There is no point buying through viator, just turn up and buy its very easy .

投稿者: Simon B , 2016年 8月

Unacceptable, the driver did not recognise the voucher and could not find a booking reference number. He gave up and let us on anyway.
Coming back was worse, driver didn't recognise the voucher and wanted me to pay again and claim it back off Viator. I wouldn't and they eventually let us on after quite some argy Bargy. My advise would be just to pay the driver it's about a tenner and will save you a lot of hassle with the vouchers.

投稿者: Bee , 2015年 9月

Viator should make all of the companies that use aware of there service. Offering a transfer where bus drivers don't recognise your code and refuse to take passengers is not acceptable.

投稿者: Danyele S , 2015年 9月

The bus driver did not accept or even seem to recognize the printed voucher. We arrived quite late at night, so this was unacceptable. The information desk attendant did not recognize the voucher either, and told us to go back to the bus. It was only luck that the next bus driver accepted the voucher, despite not recognizing our purchase from Viator either. I would give 0 stars if I could.