• ロケーション: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • 所要時間: Varies (約)

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この予約には印刷した紙のバウチャーをご持参ください。 これは何ですか?
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投稿者: Michael B , 2016年 9月

Easy to find at the airport. Didn't have to wait long to be taken to our hotel. Cheaper than the local taxi's. Stress free transfer.

投稿者: Susan R , 2015年 11月

This was a very easy way to get from airport to hotel, no waiting, great informative driver. Viator have never let us down on any off the occasion we have used them. Rate them highly

投稿者: Aileen Z B , 2013年 3月

It was what we expected and on time as always...good job! We have used Viator all over the world and have never been disappointed.

投稿者: KAREN M , 2013年 2月

Driver was friendly and professional. Will use your service when I return back to the Lauderdale area again in the next few months!

Karen Mason

投稿者: delores s , 2013年 2月

great experience.

投稿者: Garwood W , 2012年 11月

Excellent...courteous driver and comfortable car.

投稿者: Anita K , 2012年 8月

Very reliable Airport transport service, highly recommended

投稿者: Elizabeth W , 2012年 3月

Excellent service!

投稿者: Omer H , 2012年 2月


投稿者: Ian C. H , 2012年 2月

Excellent ! We expected a Mini Bus but taken to our Hotel in a Lincoln Town Limo.
Thanks again.
Ian and Lisa Howarth.

投稿者: ROBERT B , 2011年 12月

very good service!

投稿者: Gabrielle L , 2014年 12月

organized me a cab as there was no van.

投稿者: Sharon O , 2014年 9月

Great they called me to get me early and off we went very quick ride driver was very nice

投稿者: Karin H , Deutschland, 2014年 2月

hat gut fuktioniert, anfangs etwas caotisch am Flughafen

投稿者: Karl K , 2013年 12月

prima gelaufen

投稿者: Rosalyn B , 2013年 2月

The trip there was not bad but they said I might have to wait up to 30 minutes and I definitely did wait 30 minutes. I think they could have coordinated it better so people do not have to wait so long.
For some reason return trip was about $10 cheaper for the same trip?
Drivers were courteous and friendly.

投稿者: DOROTHY R , 2015年 8月

The driver didn't want to accept the printed voucher you provided, I had to
argue with the people to get on the van

投稿者: Andreas Viktor N , 2013年 5月

Hier gab es keine Probleme,nach Ankunft haben wir mit einem Servicemitarbeiter gesprochen,der uns dann erklärt hat,was wir tun sollen,er hat dann einen Shuttle angewiesen, uns zum Hotel zu bringen.Der Prepaid Voucher wurde ohne Probleme akzeptiert.

投稿者: David M , 2016年 7月

The driver was polite; however, one of the other passengers was rude and obnoxious.

投稿者: yoko s , 2015年 12月

took over two hours to get to miami airport. won't be doing that again. will rent a one way rental car next time.

投稿者: Al M , 2013年 3月

Our driver was obviously new and unfamiliar with the areas as it took over an hour and a half to get to our south beach hotel. Other passengers had to direct him to their hotel as he was circling the same area for about a half an hour. Two people that should have been dropped off first were dropped off last.

投稿者: bibi h , 2012年 12月

Cost too much

投稿者: Doni B , 2016年 11月

It took us 2 hours to get from airport to South Beach. Driver got very confused about where passengers wanted to go and had long conversations in Haitian when dropping them off. He also didn't understand the voucher we gave him.

投稿者: Carla Cruz , Brasil, 2016年 1月

Muito decepcionada, pois não tinha ninguém da empresa me aguardando para me levar do aeroporto de Fort Lauderdale até meu hotel, conforme a contratação e pagamento que fiz pela internet, ainda no Brasil, antes de viajar.

投稿者: Karine F , 2015年 10月

Worst airport shuttle service we tried. Uninformative clerk at the airport desk, driver asked us to write down the address where we were going on a pad inside the van with no light, then entered the addresses randomly in the GPS. He didn't know where he was going, made unnecesseray detours.