• ロケーション: Falmouth, Jamaica
  • 所要時間: 5時間 (約)

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A wee local girl sings in the trees

Chanel P, New Zealand, 2013年 3月

From afar we could hear this sweet voice singing Bob Marley tunes

Great Music and Vibe

Chanel P, New Zealand, 2013年 3月

Enjoying the sounds of the Band that played as we entered the Bob Marley Experience

Memorabilia at the Bob Marley Experience

Chanel P, New Zealand, 2013年 3月

WHile not as much memorabilia as I thought there might have been, I still loved every bit of my experience, and as you can see my teenage children did too.

A shot at The Bob Marley experience

Chanel P, New Zealand, 2013年 3月

a bit of fun, a bit early in the morning for some...but how often do you get an opportunity I say! A shot with the Rasta colours,flame ontop, I had to suck the shot through the straw fast enough so the straw wouldn't melt and before the flame went out! Mind over matter! I did it! Great fun!

Port Falmouth, Jamaica after our day trip to 9 mile

Chanel P, New Zealand, 2013年 3月

Just dropped off by our guide, after a great day. He was there waiting for us when when docked early in the morning, took us up to the Bob Marley experience, looked after us and got us back in time, no hassles. Very friendly and helpful :)