• ロケーション: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • 所要時間: 10時間 30分 (約)

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投稿者: Carl Johan H , 2016年 10月

Very fine and interesting trip with a great driver and a knowing and considerate guide. Been there before but this was better.

投稿者: Elisa C , 2016年 9月

I really enjoyed my day!! Even though the weather was not the best, the places were amazing, and the guide (Eric) has been fun, knowledgeable and professional!!

投稿者: csiskin , 2016年 8月

We had a wonderful time! Our driver and guide Richard was very knowledgeable and very courteous.

投稿者: Mitesh C , 2016年 7月

This tour was great. Fergus was our guide. He was very informative. He gave us insightful information on Roman History, Hadrian's wall as well general background on the Borders. We visited Jedburgh, Steel Rigg Vindolanda and Moffat. As this was Hadrian's wall tour, I would have preferred more time at Steel Rigg and miss out the stop at Moffat.

投稿者: astrosona , 2016年 7月

Loved it! Loved the tour, the tour guide was awesome and the scenery was so beautiful :

投稿者: Susan W , 2016年 7月

This tour is a highlight of my recent trip to Scotland. Amazing to see Roman history in Britain. If one does not have private transportation and on a limited time schedule, this is the best option to view the high points of the Wall. Rabbie's is the go-to place for tours. Their check in location in Edinburgh is easily accessible. Our tour guide Eric was the absolute best. Being a native of the area he knew much local history and shared tidbits of fascinating information along the way. The mini bus we used was very comfortable and I felt safe with Eric's driving. He even entertained us along the way with 4 or 5 songs in his charming Scottish voice. Loved it! The Borders and English country side were absolutely gorgeous while we were there late June. The ruins sites will not disappoint. I definitely have a better understanding about the Wall. It is far more than just a structure in the country-side.

投稿者: Sarah R , 2016年 6月

We had a terrific time on the Hadrians Wall tour! James, our guide, was so well informed about the countryside we drive through, each section of the wall we visited, and even gave us a restaurant recs for when we got back to Edinburgh. He told us stories all along the way! Absolutely a must-do!!

投稿者: George D , 2016年 6月

Our guide was Eric, who is charming and entertaining. He also is an excellent source of local background an Scottish history. I found the trip to be informative and the main stop, Vindolanda, with it's digs and museum to be time well spent.

投稿者: Lori H , 2016年 6月

Richard was a fantastic guide - very knowledgeable about history, had a great sense of humor and was a wonderful storyteller. He also knew when not to talk, so his information was always useful and enjoyable.

投稿者: Francis V , 2016年 6月

What a great tour! My husband is a history buff and has wanted to see Hadrian's wall. Our guide was fantastic !! he was very knowledgeable and personable. I would highly recommend this tour if you are interested in history and wish to see this part of the county !!!

投稿者: Patricia A L , 2016年 5月

Loved this tour. The driver/guide was very well informed and we had plenty of time at each location. Covered a lot in one day.

投稿者: Amy Hong L , 2016年 3月

Tour guide is very knowledgable.

投稿者: Dorothy M , 2016年 2月

Rain, tour was still excellent as was the tour guide!

投稿者: Avery U , 2016年 2月

A must if you love history, spectacular viewseven when it's raining and the most entertaining guideAly P! The only disclaimer would be to wear comfy walking/hiking shoes and be very careful, the path can be a bit slippery.

投稿者: Nicole A , 2015年 9月

Amazing if you like Roman history. Still worth doing even if you don't.

投稿者: Julianne F , 2015年 7月

Had an amazing time on this tour! We traveled in early July, the weather was great and the scenery beautiful. It was great to see the contrast between the highlands from our Lochness tour to the lowlands in this tour. Our guide was wonderful, she was able to give such intricate details about Scottish history while even driving the tour bus! I am a teacher and learned so much and was impressed with the breadth of her storytelling. She was kind and humorous, too. I always have to use the restroom constantly and am always nervous when traveling, but we stopped frequently in places with public facilities that I was fine. Jedburgh was awesome, had some great antique shops, a ruined abbey, and the Mary Queen of Scotts wee museum. Not much time to see it all, but I suggest buying lunch to go at the grocery store there to have plenty of time to see the Roman fort and museum in the upcoming stops. Overall, wonderful trip, my boyfriend and I loved it and the coach was comfy, too.

投稿者: bkbaggs , 2015年 7月

The tour guide was fabulous.

投稿者: jukeboxpete , 2015年 7月

Another great trip. So cool to be walking along Hadrian's Wall. This was our second trip with Joe and he was great once again.

投稿者: CP , 2015年 6月

Can't believe I finally got to see and walk on Hadrian's Wall. Absolutely amazing! Even more awe inspiring is the excavation of a nearby Roman Fort and Village. We had the pleasure of 2 guides,Jan and Joe who were both lots of fun. Great day!

投稿者: Eve I , 2015年 6月

Our guide Joe was great! Very knowledgeable as well as pleasant and cheerful. The tour itself is wonderful, the remains of the wall are amazing, Vindolanda is eye opening, and the borders are beautiful!

投稿者: Justin B , 2015��� 3月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Dr Wayne , 2015年 2月

Your was excellent, most informative and very knowlegable guide!

投稿者: monicanorris , 2015年 1月

Rabbies was the tour operator and this was my 3rd tour with this company. Again small group and bus which made it all the more personal. A long day and a long way to go and see a wall but worth it. Highlight of the day for me besides seeing the wall and climbing the hills was seeing the Roman ruins at Vindolander.
Now here's the problem.
Vindolander is NOT the Roman Fort that we were supposed to go to. Our Driver/guide Liam said that it was the BETTER of the forts to visit. I don't know what the other one was like but without a doubt VINDOLANDER was EXCELLENT !

投稿者: Lee M , 2014年 10月

We got some brilliant views from all the stop points along the wall, it's amazing how intact a lot of the sections still are. The climb up to the lookout post was a bit a little tough, but well worth it for the vista from the top. The visit to Vindolanda was amazing, we got a real sense of the sheer scale of activity and occupation along the wall, and again, the amount of the structure that has been uncovered intact is pretty impressive. This was a fantastic trip.

投稿者: Kerry S , 2014年 10月

Great tour, very informative. Plenty of time allowed at each stop. Vindolanda was the highlight for me - just amazing. Ally was our driver/guide and he was excellent. Highly recommend this tour.