• ロケーション: デュッセルドルフ, ドイツ
  • 所要時間: 柔軟に調整可能 (約)

25.7 から



この予約には印刷した紙のバウチャーをご持参ください。 これは何ですか?
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投稿者: JUAN D , 2016年 7月

Instructions are only in German.

投稿者: mherrig42 , 2015年 9月

We had a hard time in trying to be accepted for this tour. It was Sunday and the store was closed there. The driver said he could not take us on the tour because the reservation needed to be validated by the office. We made and paid for this reservation in the US. We were sent to different people and places in order to do the tour. In the end, we were able to do it but we were too tired.

投稿者: LaRhonda P , 2015年 7月

This was a good experience, especially the Rhine cruise. However, there is wrong information in the printout. It says the buses run every 30 minutes. However, we waited for 45 minutes and no bus came. The tourist info center was closed so we went back the next day. They then informed us that the buses only run every hour.