• ロケーション: Dublin, Ireland
  • 所要時間: 45分 (約)

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投稿者: darbydog43 , 2016年 10月

Very good boat ride. Very informative to attractions along the Liffey River. Kudos

投稿者: Anna M , 2016年 8月

Hi there!

We had a great tour, cruising the Liffey! We had a quite lovely tour guide, who decribed all of the buildings around the river. He explained all those buildings with a great humour!
We would definetly recommend this tour!

投稿者: Hilary C , 2016年 8月

Great guide - really interesting.

投稿者: Kevin M , 2016年 8月

it's a must do when in Dublin, even better when the sun is out late evening is best when the sun starts to go down or what we did was just after lunch to easy the Irish stew down

投稿者: Dmiller , 2016年 7月

Great views informative

投稿者: Meg , 2016年 7月

We were very pleasantly surprised at how terrific this tour was. The tour guide Stephen was incredibly witty and knowledgeable and the views from the river were unique. We saw and learned about landmarks that we would not have otherwise known about. Genuinely worth the time and low price.

投稿者: Sarah W , 2016年 7月

WONDERFUL! The boat was perfect and the tour guides were very knowledgeable. It could have been longer and shown us more stuff. I am not sure if there is a longer cruise, I would have booked it if there was.

投稿者: lovestravelling , United Kingdom, 2016年 6月

fantastic!!!!!! thoroughly enjoyed this activity. the guide oisin perhaps mispeltis so knowledgeable and explained things really well.the trainee guide is certainly being taught to a high standard.the entire crew was lovely.this river cruise is so relaxing.please increase the frequency of departures.i loved it so much. could easily have gone round a second but could not endure the long wait for the next departure.

投稿者: Angela C , 2016年 4月

It was very interesting to see Dublin from the Liffey River. Our tour guide explained the sights and pointed out various places of interest to check out. Most enjoyable!

投稿者: Stephanie L , 2016年 4月

Really enjoyed the trip down the river. very peaceful way to enjoy the city without queuing in traffic.
The tour guide was very informative and funny.
The tour started further down the river due to high tides but this was not an issue and it actually meant we got a longer trip so more value for money.
One member of our party has mobility problems, both the tour guide and skipper were very helpful in ensuring she got on and off the boat and walkway safely.

投稿者: Kathleen D , 2015年 10月

We really enjoyed the river cruise, too. Nice to see a different view of the city...

投稿者: Lena R , 2015年 5月

This was the most relaxing tour that we took while in Dublin. Tour boat was very comfortable
and great views from the side and roof windows. Guide was excellent.
Short tour but well worth the money.

投稿者: Robert P , 2015年 5月

Very informative tour that was just long enough to keep you interested. The guide, Richard delivered his knowledge in a professional and amusing way and we would recommend this trip to any visitor.

投稿者: pandy5 , 2014年 10月

loved this...learned all sorts of hidden info about Dublin and the waterway

投稿者: john v , 2014年 6月

This inexpesive tour is well worth the time to take, knowlegable guide and a good use of about an hours time. Gives a nice, different view of the city. If a river/water cruise is an option in a city, we always do it. The Amsterdam and Paris ones are equally good.

投稿者: Alejandro D , 2013年 12月

Salvo el clima que no acompañó, fue un paseo muy agradable, la tripulacion muy amable, la charla interesante, y no tuvimos ningun problema con la silla de ruedas. Muy recomendable

投稿者: stephen m r , 2013年 12月

We love a river cruise and this tour was very informative and pleasurable. A must do activity whilst in fun Dublin!

投稿者: MommaK , 2013年 9月

Lovely, slow cruise in a covered boat. Our Captain, Paul, was full of fun and very careful with us. It was a very relaxed trip and Carolyn, our Tour Guide, was a pretty and very knowledgeable Irish lass who made sure we knew what was going on at all times. Very calm and relaxed time and absolutely worth the money.

投稿者: Jayanthi R , 2013年 8月

Enjoyed the cruise and very friendly informative commentary with a good deal of humour thrown in - which was entertaining.

投稿者: Anthony M , 2013年 7月

Really great enjoyed every minute!

投稿者: Kathleen N , 2013年 6月

Very interesting and guide very knowledgable

投稿者: Jessica Sharron K , 2013年 6月

Lovely cruise up the river :)

投稿者: Kandye B , 2013年 4月

Tour was fantastic. My tour guide Liam was extremely informative and thorough.

投稿者: Cynthia R , 2013年 4月

Unterhaltsame Bootstour auf dem Liffey samt neuer Eindrücke und Vistas von Dublin ... sehr freundliche Crew und Mitarbeiter vor Ort ... Conclusio: sehr empfehlenswert

投稿者: Judith H , 2012年 10月

Completely enjoyed this tour, we tour the last tour of the day and it was such a nice way to end a day of being on our feet and viewing the city from the river gives you a different view of the city. Also the tour guide and the boat captain were very knowledgeable and fun!!!