• ロケーション: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 所要時間: 10時間 (約)


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投稿者: Thosapol W , 2017年 1月

Absolutely great trip :

投稿者: zulfahri , 2016年 12月

Good Pick-up Timing with a nice and clean bus

投稿者: Mohan SR D , 2016年 6月

Great place for fun

投稿者: mjm31 , 2016年 4月

Picked up on time, had 6 hours in the park, more than enough to get to everything on a Monday.

投稿者: Kuan Yu L , 2015年 12月

The one day tour to Ferrari World was wonderful! We were picked-up by the shuttle at 9:30am punctually and reached the park before 11am, being the first visitors for the park opening. Our tourist guide Sher Zaman gave us a very detailed introduction of UAE, very patiently explained about each point of interest on the way to Abu Dhabi, he also gave us very nice tips about the attractions in Ferrari World to avoid waiting for long queues. A really great experience and highly recommended.

投稿者: Markus S , 2016年 6月

The tour was good but not on time. It supposed to arrive between 9.15 and 10 but he arrived at 10.15 and after we had to pick up more people so we finally left to the tour after 10.30. But we had enough time in the park so it was good.
The driver was friendly but he was quite smelly.

投稿者: Rachel W , 2016年 6月

Queue's were small which was good. Formula rossa was closed for maintenance, very disappointed, obviously reason for visiting, children not happy! Transportation didn't arrive until after 10am and then stopped for petrol? Just glad there were no queues! Overall good day!

投稿者: KIM FEI H , 2016年 2月

More than 6 hours inside the theme park,driver also very nice man. hope visit Ferrari World again.

投稿者: Tommy S , 2016年 4月

FormullaRossa var helt klart värt ett besök till Ferrai World, men lite besviken på att det var tidsbokning till både simulatorerna och gokartbanan. Dessutom kostar dem avancerade simulatorerna 100 dirhams extra per person och de som ingick var bara arkadspel. Saknade en riktig 3d åktur liknande dem som finns på universalstudios parker i U.S.A.Tycker att dem borde ha råd med minst en sådan.

投稿者: 유진 정 , 2016年 8月

I could not go to Dubai...

投稿者: Hamid Reza M , 2016年 2月

The Ferrari World wasn't that good that i expected, the only thing that was fun there was Formula Rossa World's fastest rollercoaster

投稿者: Anne G , 2016年 1月

The travel from Dubaï to Ferrari World was awful: very old and uncomfortable bus, without place for legs my husband is tall and the bus was riding very very slowly on the high way so the journey lasted so long nearly 3 hours between pick-up at the hotel and arrival at Ferrari World!.

投稿者: Torbjörn A , 2015年 11月

Being a Ferrari-fan I liked to watch the cars of course. Otherwise it is manily a lot of rides and it becomes very quickly alot of waiting for the different rides / activities. No guidance or tips and tricks beforehand how it works. It would have been quite usefui to have Premium tickets which gives you priority to the rides instead of General tickets if you want to get the most out of it.

投稿者: Jill M , 2015年 9月

Ferrari world was great, but our driver picked us up at 3 pm so we only had 4 hours there and did not see everything. The driver proceeded to give as a tour of Abu Darbi which was not on our tour, was insistent we see the new mosque and the museum. Museums in UAE are only for,tourist and you are expected to buy something, everthing is for sale. Not happy chap pies with our tour driver would have liked to,spend more time at Ferrari World.

投稿者: Gallier , 2016年 4月

got picked up at 8.45 and took until 11.30 to get there, badly organised pickups caused this. Ferrari world was good, not very many queues.