• ロケーション: Darwin, Australia
  • 所要時間: 3 days / 2 nights

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投稿者: Debra P , 2016年 9月

Our trip was disrupted by early rains however AATKings were fabulous and quick to reorganise and give us a wonderful time, thank you very much. A quick and professional approach to changes necessary with the itinerary

投稿者: Ki S , 2016年 7月

Highly recommended! AAT Kings drivers were amazing. Full of knowledge and knew how to keep the trips interesting with fun facts and lighthearted humor. 3rd party contractors - indigenous and non-indigenous - were also very knowledgable and kept the long days interesting and entertaining. I would recommend choosing the Crocodile hotel, if budget allows, as the Aurora Kakadu left a lot to be desired.

Overall - I'd highly recommend this package deal!

投稿者: Sheree D , 2014年 6月

Great trip, great destinations and looked after well

投稿者: Barry Thomas J , 2011年 9月

Excellent tour, well organised and on time. Crocodile hotel was very good but the restaurant was expensive and the food was of poor quality. All guides on the tour were very good and gave good information. Response to our request for gluten free food was patchy.

投稿者: Michael B , 2011年 9月

We enjoyed the 3 day tour 7 found it very interesting. The 3 guides were all very knowedgeable and good company.

投稿者: 匿名 , 2010年 8月

An excellent trip!

投稿者: Julia B , United Kingdom, 2010年 8月

It was an excellent tour - well organised and it ran very smoothly. Arnhem Land & Kakadu lived up to my expectations. The guides were both knowledgeable and professional. We were able to see Kakadu and Arnhem Land in a relatively short time. It is a fabulous part of the country and I would recommend the trip. The Aurora Kakadu was a great place to stay

投稿者: Jennifer S , 2016年 7月

A fascinating trip, fantastic scenery, and bird life. I saw enough enormous salt water crocodiles to last a good while. The second day traveling into Arnhem land with an indigenous guide was a great opportunity . I chose the middle accommodation option the Aurora Kakadu and this was a great place to stay, large comfortably furnished bungalow with a lovely pool and very good meals served in the restaurant.

投稿者: M P W , 2014年 10月

It's a bit of a slog out of or back to Darwin but the AAT Kings coaches are comfy, have wifi and drivers are really nice guys. The Aurora was a good place to stay with attractive room, porch, pool to cool off in and friendly bar/bistro. Quiet too. All the subcontractors used were great: knowledgeable and keen to please. You get both Kakadu highlights and Arnhem Land by 4WD plus a river trip with a fun couple of local Aboriginal guys. Really packed it in and so glad I did it. Downside: left me wanting more.

投稿者: Michael M , 2014年 6月

We really enjoyed this trip. The bus was very comfortable and the bus drivers excellent drivers as well as tour guides. We saw lots of rock paintings, the countryside was magnificient, so green, lots of bird life and crocodiles. The flight over the escarpment was breath taking. The incursion into Arnhem Land was a highlight, it was great to meet some of the local artists. It was a leisurely day which meant we could just sit and take in the scenery. The boat trips were terrifc. The Crocodile Hotel at Jabaru was a bit jaded, really just a motel. Given that Kakadu is on people's bucket list and people make a great effort to get there I think they could make their guests feel a lot more special, that said, the staff were pleasant and efficient

投稿者: Vincent N , 2013年 6月

What appears as a single trip is actually a series of mini trips, with different combinations of participants each day.