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投稿者: gbell , 2013年 7月

Love every part of this tour amazing view and places and the tour guys were really helpful ill do it again.....

投稿者: Rod D , 2013年 7月

It was well done, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

投稿者: Anol B , 2012年 6月

Positivies: Excellent trip. Hectic and a lot of travel, but efficient and organized, and the best way to visit a country with limited transportation options. Our tour guide was good and kept up on target. 3* Hotel in Marrakech was like a 4*. Negatives: The optional dinner shows are not worth the money (similar shows can be arranged locally for half the price). Fez morning (cultural) tour was really less about culture and going from store to store trying to hard sell fabrics, carpets, and leather goods at inflated prices.

投稿者: Elda R G , 2011年 12月

We had a wonderful time and the tour guides were outstanding, the one that pick us up in Spain and the one that took us all over Morocco, Karin. We give them 5 starts. All of the places have something special to see. I would liked an extra day in Marrakech. Also, before the trip it could be helpful more information about what is to see and the whether to be more prepared. But overall we enjoyed very much. It was fantastic Thanks a Million for your great work and the work of your Tour Guides, as I said they are outstanding. Jesus and Elda Garza

投稿者: Patricia P , USA, 2008年 8月

This was an outstanding trip, with the only deficiency being the Sofia hotel in Fez, which should be replaced . The tour guide was excellent and accommodating, we had local guides in three of the cities, and the food was generally quite good. Definitely a good value and excellent itinerary. The commentary was in depth, the bus was comfortable and cool, the driver and coach attendant were very attentive. We had guides who assisted us in shopping, which I believe is necessary in Morocco. Also, we were given a hotel in Marrakesh which actually exceeded the rating of the trip we were on, at no extra charge. I would take this tour again, if a different hotel is substituted for the Sofia.

投稿者: white_jeff66 , 2015年 3月

Good tour well organised and value for money. Hotels were of good standard considering the low season they were well staffed and the meals provided were local produce and very agreeable.Guide spoke English and Spanish local guides were very good as well. Viator outsource to another company to run the tour they were very good. We did not enjoy visiting artisans where there was a sales pitch and possibly a kick back somewhere along the lines. This is usual in this type of tour but a it old hat now. Two of my party were elderly and found the Medina in Fes a little too much walking but that is how the place is built. One of my party needed a Doctor the guide was excellent in looking after this. All in all 1650 Kms maybe just too much for one trip but you are packing in a lot.

投稿者: Martin L , 2013年 4月

Overall a good trip. Need to have a guide in morocco who can speak fluent english. Also, casablanca can probably be eliminated from the itinerary because there is hardly anything worth seeing in that city.

投稿者: Rachel H , 2013年 2月

Our tour guide and driver were very pleasant and our local guides were very informative. We enjoyed the sights that we saw, particularly the medina at Fez and Marakesh. There was a lot of time spent in the bus and I would be inclined to alt the itinerary and leave Casablanca off the tour.

投稿者: Patricia H , 2012年 10月

There were some definite issues with the bus that interfered with the enjoyment of the tour. Some seats were broken, arm rests were broken, air vents could not turn on or turn off and the cushions were so broken down that you were sitting on a bar. If I had it to do over again, I would select a tour that skipped Casablanca - not much benefit from the overnight there. I would also skip Marrakech as the market is much better in Fez and there was a lot of driving to get the group down to Marrakech and back again. Had a great time in Fez. We went to the extra dinner in Fez and that was good and was fun. We also went to the extra dinner in Marrakech - we did not feel it was a particularly god use of our time - plus it was very cold so you need to take a warm jacket if you go). Would recommend a shorter tour to Fez.

投稿者: Suzanna B , 2012年 10月

Overall the tour was really great although a lot of time spent moving around between sites. I would totally recommend it to everyone but be aware that the english speaking tour guide doesn't mean an english tour. It's a spanish tour with an english translation. Some time I felt like we got the super short version of what he said in spanish. Other than that it was awesome and the local guides were terrific and that's when we got split into spanish and english groups

投稿者: Alamin P , Canada, 2011年 8月

Overall the tour was great, the tour guide and local guides were very knowledgeable about their specific cities. The driver and assistant were very good too.

The people on the tour got along quite well, although the English speaking tourists including myself felt left out of some of the conversation and discussion between the tour guide and the Spanish speaking tourists.

The tour of the inner cities (medinas), monuments and mosques was wonderful, as was the experience of riding a camel.

The tour itinerary was changed from the one advertised. Therefore, there was a very long travel day on Day 4.

The only negative was the choice of hotels in Casablanca and Fez.

The Hotel de Paris, in Casablanca was more like a 2 Star and not that great and in a not so good neighbourhood. It would have been preferable to have a hotel situated near the main waterfront, which would have allowed us to wander around in the evening.

The Atlas Asni in Marrakesh was great, although with limited staffed. Food was great too.

The Sofia Hotel in Fez, was in a reasonably good area although a better choice of hotels could have been desirable too.

投稿者: Maria R , Puerto Rico, 2011年 8月

Good!! Too tired because too many hours in the road by motorcoach and boat but still that wasn't too bad at all. The Moroccan Tour guide is excelent and the local tour guide girl also. The dinner shows were too expensive for what they have to offer. I would eliminate from the tour the section where they show how the leather is cured by the pigeons defecation. That was awfull!!

投稿者: 匿名 , Puerto Rico, 2009年 12月

One sees a lot on this trip, and the hotels were fine. I liked it because one saw a great portion of Morocco and did not have the hassles of booking, taking public transportation, booking hotels. This can also be the negative because you spend a lot of time on a bus, have no control over your time, and spend a short time in cities where you would like to spend more, Fes and Marrakesh. Price is very good.

投稿者: Paul J , United Kingdom, 2008年 8月

The tour was run through a guide whom I could not speak more highly of. The whole five days was a really good experience, albeit an awful lot of traveling on the coach, which was perfectly comfortable. Rabat and Meknes were only fleeting visits en-route, not much more time than enough for a stretch of the legs and a chance to take some photographs. Casablanca was a disappointment, not really worth seeing, but you would be disappointed had you have gone to Morocco and not seen it! For me, the highlights were Marrakesh and Fez. Both were quite different. In Marrakesh, we had the most fabulous hotel close to the city. The city is a wonderful amalgam of color, sound, smell, and if you dare, taste! Not for the faint hearted or squeamish, Marrakesh is an assault to your senses and once you have spent an afternoon wandering through the city under the unforgiving North African sun, exploring the ancient Palaces, mausoleums and frenetic streets and casbah, leaving just in time to see the sun setting across the old city walls, it will leave you feeling quite intoxicated. Fez was not quite so romantic as Marrakesh, but none the less exciting. One of the largest casbahs in the Arab world, the experience of wandering through the labyrinth of streets and alleys, trying to hang on to your guide's coat tails for fear of getting lost was quite exciting and vibrant. Again, like Marrakesh, it is not for the faint hearted, not all things you see you may necessarily agree with or like. The strung up hedgehogs was a new one on me!

投稿者: Leah R , USA, 2007年 7月

The tour was well organized and the hotels averaged out as good. Some were much better than others. The food was good, however there was some room for improvement. Our guide was friendly and helpful, but his English was pretty sketchy so non-Spanish speakers got left out. Also, he did not give much info about each site beyond what it was and when it was built. Second, Morocco is more than mosques and markets. I would have liked to have had some activities beyond looking at buildings such as the evening shows. Third, we spent too much time on the bus. It's unfair to call the fifth day part of the "tour," when really it was a grueling twelve hour bus trip back to Malaga. There were minimal bathroom stops and no meal breaks. Perhaps the furthest city could be left out and more detailed visits to the other cities. Otherwise, it was a great tour and I think it was worth it.

投稿者: Patrick O , 2013年 10月

We visited all the places we wanted to see but it was a bit rushed. We only had 4 other English speaking people on the bu and they didn't stay in our hotels. The first 2 hotels were very good but the last one in Fes was ordinary. I would mice it 3 stars not 4. Local English speaking guides were very good.

投稿者: silver_sparrow , 2013年 7月

Very uneven. Fez and Marrakech were great. Casablanca, Rabat, were boring. Way too much time on the bus. Some hotels were nice, others not. Hardly anyone on my tour spoke English so I felt isolated. Microphone on bus was poor so half the time no one knew what was said. Beware of the single supplement

投稿者: Jennifer C , 2013年 7月

This was a great quick way to see a bit of Morocco. Driver was great, guides were good. Hotels were OK for 3 star but ,could have been just a bit better. However, we are not complaining. Overall the trip was a bit rushed - perhaps 6 days would allow a little more time in places. Casablanca is a nothing place, but I expect most people would want to go there because of the name and the movies etc... Marrakech was our favourite place and another night there would have been great. Overall though this tour was good value for money and gave us a quick look at the places mentioned.

投稿者: Rjambo , 2013年 6月

The tour to Morocco was good, but we thought it was a english speaking tour and it was in Spanish mostly, with translation in english. Also the bus ride was very long coming back, but bus was comfortable and clean. It was sad that we could not see the largest mosque in Marrakech, I think time should have been allocated to view at least one mosque in Morroco.

投稿者: Sally Sai Hee Y , 2012年 11月

I was not given an itinerary before the trip. The hotels we stayed were not quite 4*. The price of trip was affordable. The English of the tour guide wasn't good. There was a general intention to bring us to shops to buy things.
The trip is definitely worth going and better if more informative.

投稿者: Glenis A G , 2012年 11月

The five day Moroccan tour met our expectations - value for money, however attention to the following would provide improvements:
1. The pick-up times were over an hour late and contact with the Madrid was useless - it would be better to provide a contact number for the tour leader.
2. Having two levels of accommodation (3 and 4 start) provided logistic problems - only offer 4 star hotels.

投稿者: Terryhm , 2012年 11月

Overall I am pleased to have taken the trip .... but will never do it again. The four star hotel in Casablanca is quite bad ... the one in Rabat is excellent, the one in Fez adequate but lacking. The biggest problem centers around the size of our group, and the lack of free time. We had a bus load of 48 and that is toooooo large ... for good communication with the tour guides .... we were a group of about 8 English speaking tourists mixed with 40 Spanish tourists. Our two local guides provided in Marakesh and Fez were both excellent .... and our group small enough to enjoy a good discusson. However on the bus things were different .Kareem was often rambling and switching languages so often thus making the story confusing. There was no explanantion of what the farming communities were doing along the drive (looked interesting ... crops. tools. seasons etc) and there was no advanced print out of what we were going to see and do .... thus it was difficult to prepare ahead of time. I never again want to be part of 48 people trying to match times and desires. The rest room near Meknes was absolutely filthy, whereas the other stops along the highways were excellent. Every one wanted more individual free time. We went twice to the two high lites of Rabat ... the Palace and religious site ... once was enough.

投稿者: Lisamarie P , 2012年 4月

A great short trip that was packed full of destinations and things to see. A long time sitting on the bus so maybe a couple of towns could be skipped. Fez, Marakech are fantastic.

投稿者: Kathryn R , Australia, 2011年 8月

We were the only 2 english speaking tourists in our tour group of 10.The others were spainish speaking.We spent far too much time in the bus and not enough time in the towns of Marrakesh or Fez.We had local english speaking guides in each town which mean´t that we had a personalised tour. The hotel in Marrakesh was quite good the other 2 were not 4 star hotels. The food was quite good though.The extra nights entertainment were not very good and quite expensive. One was a horse show and the other was a dance show. Would do the same trip over 7 days to give more time in the cities

投稿者: Daphne Kamely , USA, 2010年 11月

The tour was quite interesting. However, unlike a previous tour I took through you in New Zealand, this tour was lacking for the following reasons: 1. Main problem: No bathrooms/toilettes on the buses. 2. Not sufficient bathroom stops. 3. Guides did not speak good English. They gave more information in Spanish than in English. 4. Tours not punctual and many unscheduled changes last minute,. 5. Hotel Sofia in Fez, Marocco was bad, I will not use that again. It is definitely not 4-star., I will not recommend this tour unless they have upgraded their buses to include toilettes and make more frequent stops with better guides and explanations. Also, no help with the luggage.