• ロケーション: Chicago, Illinois
  • 所要時間: 4時間 (約)


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投稿者: Vicki W , 2017年 1月

Excellent adventure for a Windy City newbie.,

投稿者: Michael K , 2016年 7月

Super für erste Einblicke

投稿者: Mark C , 2015年 9月

The Tour guide was very knowledgeable and the bus driver was excellent at navigating some of the narrow streets of Chicago. Perhaps, a bus similar to the Chicago Trolley bus may be better for those people who want to take photographs. Despite this fact, I feel I have a better understanding of the geography of Chicago due to the excellent tour guide.

投稿者: POLLY C , 2015年 6月

This tour was excellent. Our bus driver Pat was very good and the tour guide was very knowledgeable.
We saw the North and South side of Chicago and were also able to get off the bus and take pictures and
walk to areas of interest. I highly recommend this tour. It is well worth the money!

投稿者: Bruce B , 2014年 10月

This tour is a must for anyone visiting Chicago. It takes you on a comprehensive look at both the north and south sides of the city. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and there were a number of stops providing opportunities to see key features up front and personal!

投稿者: George J , 2014年 1月

Too great!!!

投稿者: Maxim Vorobyev , 2014年 1月

Good tour! But I strongly recommend to reconfirm the pick-up TWICE, because it may be problems and people can be got out of pick-up list of the operation conpany.

投稿者: Mu Q , 2013年 1月

The tour guide, Matt and the bus driver Patty were absolutely fantastic and hilarious! Matt was very knowledgeable. Fantastic!!

投稿者: Eduard K , USA, 2011年 8月

This tour very good organize and the guide knows more than I expected..

投稿者: Rosa O , 2010年 12月

This was a fantastic tour . You will have a complete idea of Chicago so you make take this tour as a first step.

投稿者: Nellie F , USA, 2008年 8月

Fabulous trip! Driver really new his information. Did get a little tired on bus for 4 hours, but I wouldn't do it any other way. We had a beautiful clear day and great weather. Learned a lot of fascinating information about the wonderful city of Chicago!

投稿者: Deirdre S , 2016年 6月

Very good

投稿者: Julia H , 2015年 3月

This tour was really fun and we got to see a lot of interesting places

投稿者: Richard Mark P , 2013年 12月

The grand tour was quite good, apart from the fact that Greyline forgot to pick us up, not once but twice, we stood waiting from 08:50 to 09:45 and then from 09:55 to 10:30, we only had 1 full day in Chicago. After the lies about calling at the Hotel we ended up on the afternoon tour, they were suppose to pick us up at 13:00 and eventually turned up at 13:15. All said the trip was good, although it was 2 seperate tours over 4hours with a good 10 minute gap in the middle. The first tour was better. The Hancock Observatory was just being dropped off and using the ticket. We did Sky deck as well and Sky deck won although the price of a couple of photos was $35 crazy money in the modern world of digital

投稿者: Les , Australia, 2013年 12月

Overall, it was great. Thanks to the guide. He had a lot of knowledge. I did Hancock at night, should have gone at sunset.

投稿者: Brigitte W , 2013年 9月

Not bad.

投稿者: stuart E , 2012年 11月

very good value for the money. the driver was intresting and the tour took in a lot of places we would not have seen left to our own devices.

投稿者: stephx , 2012年 10月

Tour was informative and interesting. It was a good introduction to Chicago.
If looking for a good vantage point of the city, I would suggest the Willis tower over John Hancock

投稿者: Robyn M , 2012年 10月

Tour guides very informative and enjoyable tour of Chicago and Hancock Observatory

投稿者: Brian D , Australia, 2011年 10月

This is a must tour for this City. Value for money - Do it on the 1st or second day

投稿者: Chris W , Australia, 2011年 9月

Tour went according to schedule

投稿者: Richard D , Canada, 2011年 6月

Tour was great for what turned out to be a very rainy day.

投稿者: RAJKUMARR V , India, 2008年 8月

The best part of the tour is the lake side in the south city tour. It gives a beautiful view of the skyline Chicago. Hancock Observatory at 94th floor gives amazing view. There could have been a small break in some restaurant or cafe for lunch/snacks since it is around 6 hours for grand tour and Hancock Observatory. Anyway it is worth doing the tour.

投稿者: Marian B , Ireland, 2008年 3月

The tour was excellent and the on board commentary was very good and professional.

投稿者: Luca C , USA, 2007年 6月

The tour was very interesting but it's probably better to take the north and south tours on separate days. I found that having both of them on the same trip was a long time to be on a tour bus.