• ロケーション: Cairo, Egypt
  • 所要時間: 11時間 (約)


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投稿者: Leith Patrick K , 2016年 9月

Outstanding. Our guide picked us up as scheduled and drove to Alexandria. We saw many sights and the guide explained them in detail. We visited the Library at Alexandria. The building is as much a work of art as the collections. Very nice lunch overlooking the bay and then a pleasant drive back to our hotel in Cairo. My only regret was having to leave. Highly recommended.

投稿者: Rajdeep S , 2015年 7月

Worth doing! Again Osama took us out to Alexandria. He was great, and kind and showed us the key spots. My only regret is to have spent more time here but we only signed up for the day. Great city.

投稿者: Silvio L , 2014年 10月

Some people don't get a guide in Cairo. That's a mistake. If you have a private guide with you, like we did, your days (and I mean, every single day) will be just amazing. Firstly, our guide spoke great english. Secondly, he is a fun, approachable, professional and extremely knowledgeable guy!!! Our guide was very proud of their history so it was just very exciting to listen to everything he had to say. The guide was also very flexible!! We had a day trip to Alexandria that we decided not to do anymore, as we felt there was still quite a lot to learn and see in Cairo. So, our guide asked us what we wanted to see and we managed to change our plans and have a great day. He quickly realised we didn't want to, for instance, do the cruises and all the super touristic stuff so he took us to a restaurant he goes to very often and likes very much. We tried a very traditional meal called 'Kushari' and it's delicious, really worth trying! Anyway, definitely take a guide. It's worth the money, you feel safer, less 'uncomfortable with the guys staring at you etc.

A guide is essential for you to have a great time and learn a lot!

投稿者: Miguelangel M , 2012年 7月

Nice drive to Alexandria. Interesting tour.

投稿者: John g K , 2011年 6月

Again Khlaed Lotfy our Egyptogist and our driver were superb.We were able to modify our standard agenda and skip some of the planned sights and have a wonderful pinic on the Alexandria coast with our tour group providing a pinic lunch and allowing us to see the lovely Egyptian families at play on the beach.Definitely the best group of tour personnel.

投稿者: Nathan W , 2010年 6月

Our guide, Mahmoud, was amazing. We would highly recommend him to anyone. He was friendly, kind and knowledgeable. He was also very flexible when we wanted to change our schedule. We don't think we could have had a better guide.

投稿者: Genesis A , Philippines, 2010年 5月

The tour overall was amazing! You have an exclusive and very comfortable ride all throughout the tour. The tour-guide was very friendly, accomodating, and informative. All the sites visited were magnificent and awe-inspiring especially the Library of Alexandria. And most of all, you are in control of your time for the whole duration of the tour! I highly recommend this tour especially for group of friends!

投稿者: Halsi H , Canada, 2010年 4月

It was unbelievable to have our own personal guide. He was so knowledgeable, he not only explained the history of the sites but was also willing to answer questions we had about society and the Egyptian way of life. The van was clean, comfortable and air conditioned with a driver that made you feel safe. Highly recommended, and prices were comparable to vendors in town.

投稿者: Jim B , Canada, 2010年 3月

The tour was a small group - myself and one other person. The guide was very knowledgeable, and added some extra stops that weren't on the main itinerary, based on what both of us wanted to see.

投稿者: Raymond P , USA, 2010年 3月

A fascinating city with a rich relationship with the sea. A story we'll told by your guides.

投稿者: Richard M , USA, 2010年 3月

Very good overall. On time and safe driver. Could not have ask for more

投稿者: Sarah F , USA, 2010年 1月

Our tour guide was excellent. Be ready for a long drive but a fun day. The agency picked us up at our hotel and were on time and very accommodating.

投稿者: Richard C , USA, 2009年 11月

Our Egyptian guide was superb. He was cordial and very knowledgeable. We had a great time!

投稿者: Dianne B , 2009年 3月

We had a fantastic day & could not have asked for a better guide or driver. Even though there was quite a drive from Cairo to Alexandria, it is a great way to see some of the countryside & to have a rest before all the sightseeing. We loved seeing a different aspect of Egyptian history.

投稿者: Cynthia S , USA, 2008年 12月

This tour gave us a wonderful overview of Alexandria and we saw everything we wanted to. Our driver was very professional and we felt secure during the entire trip. Our guide explained many of the things we saw on the drive there that were not familiar to us, such as the pigeon houses. During the ride he also shared his life in Egypt and he never seemed offended by our many questions. We had a fabulous seafood lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. On the way back, we stopped at a roadside rest stop and had Egyptian style pizza. Very delicious! Long day but we didn't want it to end.

投稿者: Denis D , Belgium, 2008年 11月

Nice trip with great guide. Especially our guide who gave a lot of information.

投稿者: Shaun K , Canada, 2008年 11月

The drive up to Alexandria was a long one, however, they picked us up at our hotel in our own private van, with a personal Egyptologist and a driver. Our tour of Alexandria was very good and informative. I would recommend this for anyone in the Cairo area to discover more of Egypt.

投稿者: MYSORE D , USA, 2008年 8月

Excellent service. The tour of historic places in Alexandria was very exciting.

投稿者: Melissa G , USA, 2008年 8月

Our tour guide was fabulous and punctual. He was very knowledgeable and we really enjoyed him.

投稿者: Pamela B , 2012年 3月

This was terrific. Alexandria is an old, historic city from the Greek and Roman times in Egypt. The beaches have eroded but the new library is wonderful. I am sure there are still many antiquities still undiscovered since the historic sites are in the middle of areas of housing that have been there 100 years or so.

投稿者: Trine , United Kingdom, 2011年 4月

This trip shows you a different side to Egypt. A bit quieter but just as interesting. The catacombs are a truly amazing sight and should not be missed. The standing pillar is also very spectacular. The library is a beautiful modern building, but you will need to take cash with you as the museums inside you have to pay to visit and they confiscate handbags on entering the library.

投稿者: Sharyn O , 2011年 1月

Excellent - the guide was very knowledgeable. The only issue I had was I tried to contact the supplier many times, per the voucher form to confirm the details of my trip but no one answered the phone.

投稿者: Gregory B , 2010年 11月

A full and busy day, a long drive through a fascinating area until you reach Alexandria. Again a great tour with knowledgeable guide. Recommended to all.

投稿者: Ryan M , USA, 2010年 5月

Trip a little long, but again our guide Mahmoud was worth the money!!!

投稿者: George S , USA, 2010年 3月

Met our expectations. Guide was good. Transportation comfortable