• ロケーション: Budapest, Hungary
  • 所要時間: 4時間 30分 (約)

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投稿者: Henry B , 2016年 3月

Wonderful tour of a beautiful, little town.

投稿者: Mike , 2014年 8月

very good tour guide, interesting town and nice trip back on the Danube.

投稿者: Nancy J B , 2013年 12月

This was a lovely trip --- lots of very interesting information about the areas we passed through and about Hungary in general. I really appreciated the taxi pick up to take me to the bus.
Good shopping time at Szentendre and the cruise back was also very enjoyable.

投稿者: Roderick E , Australia, 2010年 8月

An experience of old Budapest

投稿者: Synnöve H , 2015年 10月

Mycket intressant. Vi hade en helt underbar guide.Tiden i Szentendre blev dock för kort men kompenserades med allt annat vi såg.

投稿者: Gudrun P , 2014年 5月

En fantastisk guide, personlig eftersom det endast var jag och min man på denna turen. Trist att resa med båt åter till Budapest inte startade förrän i maj, i beskrivningen stod det från april med reservation för vattenståndet.

投稿者: Sarah F , 2013年 12月

This was our second visit to Budapest and our second time on this wonderful trip to see the lovely village of Szentendre. This is such a pretty village and well worth a visit whilst spending time in Budapest, it makes for a nice change from the heart of city life too. Also included with the trip is a pass for a hop on and hop off boat ride on the Danube, this is a great way of seeing parts of Budapest along the river and although this trip is advertised as a half day trip with the boat trip ticket included you end up spending the whole day on the trip, which was great for us! I would recommend this trip.

投稿者: JODI T , 2012年 11月

Beautiful place. Very charming. A good getaway for the day.

投稿者: Margaret C , 2011年 8月

Interesting old town and lovely ride back on the Danube.

投稿者: 匿名 , 2010年 1月

Enjoyable, but I would have preferred to skip the visit to the diamond workshop and spend more time in Szentendre!

投稿者: Sharon B , United Kingdom, 2008年 8月

To be recommended. However, we would have preferred a little more time sightseeing. Nevertheless, worth doing.

投稿者: Ross M , New Zealand, 2008年 8月

Good value guided tour with knowledgeable guide. Town was an interesting experience, and the Danube River cruise back was very pleasant.

投稿者: Paddy R , United Kingdom, 2006年 11月

The tour was well organised, and we will now use Viator as our first choice for other tours.

投稿者: Karen S , 2016年 6月

Good tour but would have been better to have more time

投稿者: Darlene B , 2016年 6月

We loved the trip. It was all well organized and enjoyable, however the guide was not up to standard. He was difficult to understand and very unenthusiastic. Most of the bus visitors fell asleep. Would not give him a tip or recommend him for any future tours. Loved Szentendre!

投稿者: Caroline M , 2015年 4月

I really wish we had been given a map showing the streets and where some of the highlights were.

投稿者: Cheryl M , 2013年 10月

It would have been nice to have another hour to explore Szentendre but worth while to see.

投稿者: Patricia S , 2012年 10月

Szentendre is beautiful, but really a spot to buy, if you are a tourist, as there are shops after shops. Our tour guide did a favorable job of giving information on the bus to the artist town, and as we walked. But half of the trip was on your own to shop, which we had not expected. The ferry ride back to Budapest on the Danube would have been nicer if we hadn't just come off of a river cruise and had been on the Danube for a while. The ferry was full, crowded with people standing and the sun was at an angle that we could not see anything. If you haven't been on the Danube, and weren't bothered by a very crowded boat, and could see, you would see the bend in the Danube that is so famous, and which we did get a picture while passing.

The town of Szentendre is also, besides tons of shops, a very quaint and pictureque town.

投稿者: Judith W , USA, 2012年 8月

Petty little town but tour disappointing, not as advertised. No jewelry demonstration, or art shops instead our time was take up with a included coffee cake stop not mentioned in advance.

投稿者: gizmopenny , 2011年 8月

Don't book on htis if you've gone on the Danube bend tour, as you've already done Szentendre. (local tour company) were very helpful and we substituted the jewish Synagogue and quarter tour AND the Parliament tour at no extra cost - both highly recommended, but a lot of walking on both.

投稿者: Elizabeth H , 2016年 3月

Saw old castle ruins, lovely artist town

投稿者: Christine S , 2015年 10月

The tour guide for this tour was tired......he actually fell asleep on the bus. Although it was raining he was not interested in letting us of the bus to see the castle! When one of the clients questioned him about the instructions he gave us in Szentendre he rolled his eyes!

投稿者: Kaylan I , 2011年 8月

Overall, I enjoyed this excursion, but we were very put off by the 'extra' (mandatory) stop at Caprice diamond store for a 'presentation' on our way to Szentendre. It took a whole 45 minutes out of an already short day, leaving us only an hour and a hlaf in the town itself! We even had to ditch our guide before the end of his walk-around because we felt so pressured to see as much as possible before having to meet up with him again.

投稿者: Sandra D , 2011年 7月

A great disappointment! It wasn't clear where to begin the tour, the trip was boring, and the river cruise was boring, there wasn't anything to see, until we returned to the site of Parliament building.

投稿者: Jusna B , 2011年 2月

I only liked one of the small paprika shops and coffee shops.