• ロケーション: Brussels, Belgium
  • 所要時間: 9時間 (約)

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投稿者: Gabriel K , 2016年 9月

perfect tour to learn about Brussels in 1/2 day and Antwerp

投稿者: Manon N , 2015年 6月

Excellents guides! Peu de temps entre les deux excursions 40 minutes pour se déplacer et diner.

投稿者: Patricia F , 2015年 6月

Both tour guides were excellent. The morning tour had some technology issues but the guide did remarkably well speaking in 3 languages without a microphone.

Antwerp was fascinating. As it was a Saturday the Diamond demonstration wasn't available but we got to see plenty of other sights including the port area. Frank was an excellent guide with a great sense of humour.

投稿者: Liz , 2012年 9月

Both the morning excursion and the afternoon were so good. Dan was excellent in giving us information about Brussels and made sure everyone was accounted for. In the afternoon we had guide and he was wonderful as well. I wish I could remember his name but both of these guys provided a lot of information and history on the places we went too.

投稿者: Jolanta B , 2016年 9月

Hi, was good I did like it. Interesting was to learn from our guide about places and history of Brussels.

投稿者: Novena B , 2016年 7月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Clement W , 2016年 1月

A full day Antwerp trip would have given us more time to explore the town.

投稿者: Philippa B , 2015年 11月

Very good. Value for money excellent and very knowledgeable and helpful guides. Would recommend

投稿者: Arun Prakash M , 2015年 7月

Good but not very detailed introduction.

投稿者: Martine M , 2015年 6月

belle balade par contre perte de temps dans les quartiers neufs a remplacer par quel que chose de plus typique balade à Anvers interessante , guide voulant nous faire partager sa passion mais communication difficile merci malgre tout

投稿者: Debora P , 2015年 6月

Very good tour guides. Poor communication by company concerning pick up and drop off points.

投稿者: Catherine R , 2015年 5月

Great way to see Brussels and Antwerp! Stephan was guide for Antwerp, he was amazing! He gave lots of info on history of Antwerp.

投稿者: Krishnaswamy A , 2015年 4月

Surprisingly Manikin Pis Boy visit was not included.

Antwerp guide talked continously!

投稿者: dog , 2014年 7月

The morning session was not very personable. The trip to Antwerp made the day. Our guide was great.

投稿者: ROBLEDO N , 2013年 11月

A pesar del contratiempo con la recogida en el Hotel Thon City Centre por la poca flexibilidad del conductor, es una visita bastante recomendable. La panorámica por Amberes que se ofrece al final de la ruta es bastante interesante.

投稿者: Chung Ming W , 2013年 6月

It was a fascinating tour which my husband and I enjoyed very much. Thanks to both our informative guide for the city tour and Antwerp tour respectively. However, the only setback was the tour duration at Antwerp was rather short and that did not really hv amber time to explore .

投稿者: Gloria S , 2016年 8月

The city tour was nice, but they have organization issues that need to be solved urgently. If you offer the option to book two tours in one day, you have to give the conditions for them to be done in one day. We almost didn't make it to the second one Antwerp because of the time the first one ended, as they were with different guides and different buses, that was some serious miscommunication on their part. All in all, the guides were knowledgeable though not very forthcoming with information about the tour itself, we didn't know what we'd be doing beforehand and that is unsettleing when traveling with a large group and the tour was nice, with complementary drop off.

投稿者: aisha.satterwhite , 2015年 7月

We came to Belgium for a 4-day music festival in Liege and wanted to see other cities, so we signed up for this tour. The Brussels tour was great! The guide was fantastic didn't catch his name but he wore glasses - he was informed and entertaining and the time went by very quickly. We saw a lot in a short amount of time and he made us want to see more of the city. Definitely recommend that portion of the tour. The Antwerp tour was a waste of time and money. The guide was boring, the group was too big, we spent more time on the bus than seeing historic sites and spent nearly an hour and a half at a random diamond center in a rundown part of town. They could have skipped the diamond center and let us have more free time by the water. Definitely better off taking a train to Antwerp and exploring on your own.

投稿者: memylilac , 2012年 11月

It was nice ... could have been better if there's no rain. We practically have to stand in the rain while the tour guide gave us some history of the place.

投稿者: Karen M , 2015年 7月

The morning Brussels tour and Steve, the tourguide were excellent ! It ran too long, and we did not have time for lunch. The Chinese house and Japanese tower were not very interesting, and if eliminated, the tour would have ended on time.

The Antwerp 1/2 day began with much repetition from the morning tour, which was somewhat annoying. We did not care for the woman tourguide, as she exaggerated rolling her R's and W's in every language. Her presentation in 3 languages made for a very disjointed presentation that was difficult to follow. At times, she was somewhat rude and disrespectful. The tour began at 1:15 PM and ended at 6:45 PM, which was WAY too long for an afternoon tour. Doing both in one day was exhausting. We wished we skipped the afternoon tour.

投稿者: Björn A , 2014年 1月

Vi hade förväntat oss att se mer av Bryssel än endast La Grande Place och några närliggande sevärdheter under denna ca 2 tim långa promenad. Kanske kan turen utökas med 1 timma.

I Antwerpen såg vi Katedralen, där vi var inne ca 50 min, och en annan kyrka inifrån i 20 min. Vi hade ca 1 tim fri tid på julmarknaden. Vi hade förväntat oss att se mer av Antwerpen.

Vi hade end 30 min mellan förmiddags och eftermiddags turen och hann inte äta lunch emellan.

投稿者: dt917 , United States of America, 2015年 10月


投稿者: Kati , USA, 2015年 10月

I usually do the hop on hop off bus in cities and should have here as well. There were some places in Brussels that this tour doesn't take you.
Antwerp was a total let down. The guide was not good and most of our group was there to see diamonds. We went on a Sat and diamond places are closed then.

投稿者: Annilise F , 2015年 8月

The tour was fine except when we had several individuals making diamond purchases which then caused problems having to wait for them. I would not do this trip be used the time in Antwerp is very limited.

投稿者: Ban , 2014年 10月

Tour arranged hotel pick up. We were transferred from the hotel to the office where the city tour started already. There was no hand over of the bus passengers to the the tour guide and we were expected to find him.