• ロケーション: ハワイ島コナ
  • 所要時間: 4時間 30分 (約)

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投稿者: Sally G , 2016年 10月

This was a great tour for the whole family. They had something for all ages and abilities. Great crew and good food.

投稿者: Miguel M , 2016年 9月

Wonderful, everything was on schedule a nice experience under the sea!

投稿者: Miguel M , 2016年 9月

Wonderful on schedule great experience under the sea!

投稿者: Deborah C , 2016年 9月

Awesome day out. We all had the best time ever. We were able to see lots of fish and have a good look around. The staff were very helpful and lots of fun. The lunch was basic but good. Would have been nice to have lettuce with the hamburger but not a biggy. The boat trip was good and the fruit was nice on the way there.
We all had a good time and would definitely recommend doing this tour. Lots of fun and very relaxing.

投稿者: Maricela M , 2016年 8月

Super fun and staff was stellar!

投稿者: Chloe L , 2016年 8月

Something for every age. Very good.

投稿者: cymccork , 2016年 7月

Boat was full, but didn and #39;t seem like it at all! Plenty of seating available! My kids loved the slides and snorkeling! Great service, food was decent, and this is totally worth the money!

投稿者: Devon W , 2016年 7月

Wonderful! Perfect amount of cruising and snorkeling time. Beautiful location. Very nice and helpful staff. And the food was great!

投稿者: Carla L , 2015年 3月

Good snorkeling. Great lunch and attentive crew. Plenty of water time and extra fun with the high dive and slide. Very enjoyable

投稿者: Paul L , 2014年 9月

It was a great day. Every one was freindly and helpfull. Great staff.

投稿者: Michelle G , Australia, 2013年 12月

A great tour with a fantastic crew. The ship was comfortable and safe, all snorkelling equipment was provided and the scenery amazing! Food was plentiful and the time available for snorkelling and exploring the area around the Captain Cook Memorial was adequate. The crew pointed out spinner dolphins and flying fish en route to the snorkelling site and we were fortunate to swim up close with turtles while snorkelling!

投稿者: Bob DeTrano , USA, 2011年 7月

Glad that I booked it since it is difficult to get to the snorkel area without a boot. Crew was friendly and the food was yummy...

投稿者: David K , 2017年 1月

Very good trip and a very good value. Well organized and well managed. It is a lot of people and when you arrive and see how many it is concerning. However, they do an excellent job of taking care of everyone. The reason is obvious: lots of staff on-board to assist everyone. The staff is the most attentive I've ever seen on an excursion like this. The snorkeling is world class. Clearest water you will find anywhere and very good fish populations. They feed you well included and a great cash bar selection after the snorkeling.

投稿者: james M , 2014年 2月

Crew was helpful and friendly, the views were great and the snorkeling was outstanding. I would book it again in a heart beat. Jim McCorkindale Yakima, Wa.