• ロケーション: Berlin, Germany
  • 所要時間: 4時間 (約)

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投稿者: Chris L , 2017年 2月

Anyone going to Berlin I highly recommend participating in this walking tour. We had Jess as our tour guide, he was extremely easy to listen to and was great fun the whole day, never bored us with too many facts just gave us the information we needed in a fun and easy to understand way, me and my girlfriend learnt an immense amount that we surely wont forget due to his fantastic delivery. We managed to see almost everything Berlin has to offer in just 4 hours.

投稿者: N L S , 2017年 2月

Really good tour. The guide Jessie was very informative. Would highly recommend.

投稿者: Martin K , 2017年 2月

Great tour, fascinating sights, wonderful enthusiastic guide, excellent value, would highly recommend!

投稿者: Steve G , 2017年 2月

Great trip. For me the measure of the trip is the guide. 1 Is it historically accurate? 2 Can the guide ask questions outside of the box/script 3 Good value for money? The answer to all three questions is a resounding yes. Our guide was a guy called Jonathan. He made the trip very enjoyable by his knowledge and humour. A walking trip is always the best way to see a city. So much can be missed on a bus tour. I would highly recommend this 3-4 hour trip.

投稿者: Robert C , 2017年 2月

Jess was a fantastic tour guide. Great information, extremely well delivered. Thank you so much, a wonderful tour.

投稿者: Peter O , 2017年 2月

I would definitely recommend the walking tour to any visitor to Berlin. It gave us a great insight into the history of the city and made it so easy for us to navigate the city on the subsequent days of our visit. Our guide Matt was excellent and had a vast knowledge and explained in great detail the history of the various sites

投稿者: Sheena H , 2017年 1月

Fantastic tour with Jess our tour guide. Jess was a fountain of knowledge and made 4 hours of walking an enjoyable experience. We visited all the top tourist attractions and couldn't believe the amount we learned. i would highly recommend this tour

投稿者: David D , 2017年 1月

Tour guide Matti, was full of knowledge and provided us with a great experience of the city. Would recommend!

投稿者: Sian C , 2017年 1月

I would recommend this tour to everyone visiting Berlin, especially for the first time. We took the tour on our first day and learned so much in four hours. Our tour guide Rick was excellent - knowledgeable, informative and very patient in answering many questions about the city.

投稿者: Marjorie Jane B , 2017年 1月

Our Half Day Walking tour of Berlin with tour guide Issy was the highlight of our stay in Berlin. Our eyes were opened and our view of this part of the world challenged. For those who are interested in history but also Berlin's place in the world today, I strongly recommend this tour. The tour also gave us our bearings for when we returned a week later on our way home and enabled us to navigate the central city easily.

投稿者: Lise W , 2017年 1月

Our guide, Dennis, was a native Berliner and a history major to boot! Knowledgeable, personable, funny. 200 satisfied with this tour. Highest recommendation!!

投稿者: Kenneth M , 2017年 1月

Pip did an amazing job showing us around Berlin. It was a very cold day and she did her best to keep us on track while also educating us on the history of Berlin.

投稿者: marie c , 2016年 12月

David was our tour guide for the Berlin Walking Tour. He was well spoken, extremely educated and most importantly nice. He explained and narrated his knowledge in a manner that was interesting and he share photos of before and after that helped give a visual picture of the city. He explained the architecture, geography and history of the city. Highly recommend this tour experience.
Thank you, Marie

投稿者: Christopher B , 2016年 12月


投稿者: Elaine K , 2016年 12月

Our tour guide, Lynsey, was phenomenal! We saw a lot of the sites from WWII and Cold War history. She kept us moving at a nice pace and spoke loudly enough for all to hear. She was really knowledgeable and was happy to answer our questions. She made great recommendations for Christmas Markets, restaurants, and museums to see as well.

投稿者: Nic F , 2016年 12月

One of the best tours we have ever done! Knowledge was absolutely amazing, and truly allowed us to experience the culture of the city. Would recommend to anyone visiting Berlin.

投稿者: Michael C , 2016年 12月

What an amazing trip! I booked this tour the day before it was scheduled, and the process was extremely easy for a tourist to figure out. Our guide, Torben, was a top-notch gentleman and took us through was seemed like centuries of German and European history in the 4 hour tour. There wasn't a question I had that he couldn't answer. I highly recommend this guide and this tour!

投稿者: Denise G , 2016年 12月

Awesome day...our guide Matti was so knowledgeable and had some great inside stories to share. Would recommend this highly!

投稿者: Stephen P , 2016年 12月

Phillipa was the most amazing tour guide. Extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to be with. I would highly recommend this tour.

投稿者: Terry G , 2016年 12月

Excellent, informative tour of this historic city. Lyndsey our tour guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining - always willing to answer questions. Would recommend it for anyone visting Berlin

投稿者: Helene W , 2016年 11月

Tour guide Issy was very knowledgeable, overall a great tour!

投稿者: M E H , 2016年 11月

Phil was a great guide, very knowledgeable and funny. We covered a lot of ground, literally and historically, and the sights were movingly explained.

投稿者: Renato F , 2016年 11月

Discover Berlin in a few hours - just amazing

投稿者: Sarah E , 2016年 11月

Absolutely fantastic experience courtesy of Viator as always. Our tour guide Alex was the perfect city host and shared a wealth of information, historical context and fun facts. Highly recommended.

投稿者: Yana S , 2016年 11月

This tour was great. Just what is needed to get familiar with the city, and some of the main attractions. Alex was great! Very knowledgeable and answered many side questions which was really nice! Thanks Alex!