• ロケーション: Barcelona, Spain
  • 所要時間: 75分 (約)

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投稿者: Donna R-S , United States of America, 2016年 10月

World Heritage sights all have a maximum number of visitors they allow each day, and Barcelona is definitely one of those cities to take advantage of the Skip the Line tics. Go for it and make your Visit to Barcelona a Guadi extravaganza! It's not a hype, just pre plannng...

投稿者: Sandy , 2016年 10月

Even though it was the end of October, the line for Casa Mila was long. We were so happy to have purchased our tickets in advance, and have the pleasure of walking directly into the house and begin the tour. The audio equipment worked well, and the description was clear and in good English no foreign accent. The rooftop was as magical and amusing as we imagined. The tour of the apartment was like a visit to a museum showing life in Gaudi's lifetime. Thank you for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

投稿者: William P , 2016年 10月

Our guide was outstanding.

投稿者: Luis J R , 2016年 10月

Loved it...

投稿者: hahstcal , 2016年 10月

Great to get to front of line no problem

投稿者: chiara.farrugia , 2016年 9月


投稿者: Marcia M , 2016年 9月

So much to absorb in every nook and the audio tour helped us not to miss anything. We could go back and play a part again when we needed to.

投稿者: Jennifer S , 2016年 9月

This was perfect because you could move through Le Pedrera at your own pace and the audio was just enough information

投稿者: roger , 2016年 9月

Excellent tour - highly recommended

投稿者: Denis R , 2016年 8月

Devrait toujours être la première visite pour Gaudi car les explications nous le font bien connaître ce qui facilite les autres visites.

投稿者: Anita S , 2016年 8月

this tour was great - it was wonderful having the advance tickets so we did not have to wait in line. The building itself is so amazing.

投稿者: Katherine , United States of America, 2016年 8月

Beautiful and enriching to the soul!

投稿者: Amanda B , 2016年 8月

Amazing building, definitely worth a visit. Skip the line highly recommended. Audio tour informative, not too long winded.

投稿者: Dané G , 2016年 8月

très belle visite

投稿者: Gail G , 2016年 8月

It is a good idea to get tickets in advance-and well worth it. Such delightful architecture! The chimneys on the roof are fantastic!

投稿者: April P , 2016年 7月

I loved everything about this tour. Buying the ticket online allowed me to skip the line and head right in.

投稿者: Lisa C , 2016年 7月

Loved this tour, loved the building! I love Gaudi! Having bought our tickets online saved a lot of time waiting in line and as well. We would readily rec your service and this tour to anyone visiting this great city!

投稿者: Catherine M , 2016年 7月

I thought that this was a good deal. I had to make 2 enquires to make sure I was joining the correct line where there was no waiting at all. The audio guide was helpful. We had access to the rooftop, the attic, an apartment and the internal courtyard. There were also exhibits showing the background planning and construction of the building. Would have loved to live there myself!

投稿者: Julianne J , 2016年 7月

Amazing! must do

投稿者: Susan G , 2016年 7月

We loved our tour and we did go right to the front of the line. Well worth the purchase and we enjoyed the tour and the venue.

投稿者: Isolina Isabel P , 2016年 7月

Very good

投稿者: Erika A , 2016年 7月

Definitely worth a visit to this majestic place. Amazing rooftop sculptures and love the historic apartments inside.

投稿者: Amanda B , 2016年 7月

Best city break I have had. Love Barcelona and will go back to make sure we see the rest of it.

投稿者: Anthony Q , 2016年 6月

Loved this place.

投稿者: Matthew A , 2016年 6月

This was a fantastic way to explore this iconic building as it gave it much more depth and perspective. I did not find it boring, but very educational as I walked through the floors, rooms and corridors of this architectural marvel.