• ロケーション: バンコク, タイ
  • 所要時間: 4時間 (約)

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投稿者: Sean B , 2017年 1月

Pat was very knowledgeable and was a great host. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would recommend it

投稿者: Robin E , 2016年 10月

It was the best

投稿者: Sara K , 2016年 6月

Worth every penny! Our tour guide, Pam, was delightful and very knowledgeable.

投稿者: steph and vinny , 2016年 6月

We had a great tour, it was a perfect way to get a feel for the city on our first day and know where we wanted to go back to for more. The tuk tuk was very fun to ride in and our tour guide was very knowledgable and spoke great English. We would definitely recommend it to friends.

投稿者: Olga V , 2015年 12月

Very interesting

投稿者: Erica F , 2015年 7月

The best tour. Fantastic places and great guide. Pam knew everything about where she took us and it was great. Food was yummy and the sights exciting. Thank you to our guide.

投稿者: Liesbet , 2015年 7月

I highly recommend this tour. It's very informative and you get to see and experience a variety of city life in Bangkok. Our guide was fantastic!

投稿者: Linda H , 2015年 3月

We loved this trip. Our guide (Gof) was excellent--very informative and knowledgeable.

投稿者: Linda Y , 2015年 3月

This was an excellent start to my holiday and experience I will remember for a long time. My guide Pam was really friendly and spoke not only about the sites we were visiting but also talked about life in Thailand. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone in Bangkok on their first visit. It was a fabulous introduction to the city and To Thailands history, culture and people.

投稿者: Rozzana A , 2015年 3月

We had a great time on this Adventure Tour. Our guide (Bo) was very informative and helpful! We liked the small group experience and appreciate walking through the streets of old Bangkok. We walked through the wet market, and loved the flower market! Riding the Tuk tuk is a must, if you are in Bangkok. I highly recommend this tour!

投稿者: gnied , 2015年 2月

Our tour guide Pum was excellent. She gave us a good briefing on all of the sites that we visited. She never rushed us. She answered all of our questions. Here English was very good. She has a good personality for this type of job. The Tuk Tuk tour is an excellent way to begin a visit to Bangkok. Highly recommended.

投稿者: JT , 2014年 12月

We had lots of fun with pier guide Pam she was a lovely lady that show us around and bought local food to try on the stops was nice to have a local person showing the city love it

投稿者: miss jm k , 2014年 9月

My guide was amazing

投稿者: Patricia N , 2014年 2月

Great way to see Bangkok and our tour guide was very good. She had lots of info to share with us. Thanks Patricia and Ken

投稿者: ckl , 2014年 2月

The tuk-tuk tour was a super fun way to see some of the top sites around Old Bangkok. The guide and arranged transport between places allowed us to see more than we would have on our own and the small size of the group, we were a total of eight including the guide, meant we got the kind of personalized attention we wouldn't have on a big tour bus. The ONLY downside of the tuk-tuk tour is that there was just one itinerary - we would have taken it everyday if there were more.

投稿者: Rebecca C , 2014年 1月

Managed to see all the major temples and markets in this time frame. Get your walking shoes on! Fun adventure.

投稿者: Katherine T , 2013年 12月

I enjoyed my tuk tuk tour very much. I was the only person that day (thank you for going forward with the tour anyhow, Green Tomato and Viator!). My guide was great at explaining what I was seeing: the amulet market, the flower market, one of the larger wet markets, and we also happened upon a celebration of cremation day of one of the top Buddhist monks, so there was free street food. My guide told me all about what was going on and also about the food I was eating. A really fun experience ~ I highly recommend it!

投稿者: Sara-jane A , 2013年 8月

Pam the tour guide is excellent- well worth doing. Ask to be taken to the Grand Palace at the en of the tour and Pam will buy the tickets for you. She is excellent and has great English.

投稿者: Dale P , 2013年 7月

Pam was wonderful!

投稿者: Murray A , 2013年 7月

Great day

投稿者: Mary S , 2013年 7月

Our Tuk Tuk tour was wonderful, our guide, Pam, was very informative and spoke good English. She rode in the back with us and pointed out and gave us history on the things we passed. She went into the Temples and other sites with us and explained things too, the entrance fees were all included in the tour price. Pam really enriched our experience and brought the culture and history to life. Our tuk-tuk driver was safe and fun. All in all a wonderful day that I would recommend for all ages especially if you are short on time in Bangkok.

投稿者: Diane P , 2013年 4月

Our family really enjoyed this. We have 2 daughters 10 and 15, they thought it was fun. It's tourist shopping places mixed w/other Bangkok sites. We LOVED our tour guide, booked another tour with him for the following day.

投稿者: Sarah H , 2013年 3月

With only myself and my mother on this tour we had the guide all to our selves. He was extremely knowledgable and so friendly. Being an expat I was not sure whether I would enjoy it but my visiting mother was very keen so off we went and it was fab!!! Special mention to our guide Jo (I think was his name) as he made our tour unforgettable.

投稿者: Jonathan M , 2013年 2月

Apart from feeling really rough and not getting any sleep the night before it was a wonderful trip around 'old Bangkok' Having that personal guide was really great and Pom our guide was willing to talk about anything we saw on our trip.

投稿者: Michael F , 2012年 11月

Being in a small group, this tour worked well and was very enjoyable.