• ロケーション: バンコク, タイ
  • 所要時間: 3時間 (約)

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投稿者: aaron.dibdin , 2016年 2月

We did this tour while on our honeymoon December 2015 and had a great time! The tour takes you through areas you would usually never think to go as well as to the major tourist destinations, so you get a real feel for the different sides of Bangkok. Our guide was really friendly and knowledgeable, he was very considerate of my wife who hasn't spent a lot of time on a bike. And there were tasty treats along the way! We would definitely recommend this tour.

投稿者: Anthony L , 2016年 1月

Visite super agréable de Bangkok avec Kenny. Une façon totalement différente de voir la ville et en prime des explications sur les habitudes et le mode de vie des thaïlandais. Nous avons adoré.

投稿者: Jeannyhamilton , 2015年 3月

Fantastic tour, would highly recommend the Small-Group Bike Tour. The bike takes you to place which are far to get on foot. Excellent knowledgable and informative guide.

投稿者: Malcolm H , 2015年 3月

Kong was a great guide and really enjoyed my day.
You get to see another side of Bangkok which you cannot get by taxi or sky train.
Easy cycling so everyone can do it.

投稿者: Wendy-Ann D , 2014年 12月

We had a pleasant Saturday morning ride over bridges and through the back lanes of Bangkok. Our guide was excellent and spoke excellent English. We had a couple on our tour who were unable to continue after we were about half way due to health problems and our guide helped them with finding a taxi back to their hotel before we continued on. A great way to see Bangkok in a different light.

投稿者: johnparnass , 2014年 12月

Do this tour! Fantastic guide, and a behind-the-scenes look at Bangkok's back alleys and neighborhoods. The ride is quite easy and safe. A must do for anyone interested in cycling.

投稿者: Zael V , 2014年 7月

This is a great tour, you are taken through some back alleys and small streets of bangkok. Guide was fun and helpful. Bike ride is not exhausting by any means. Great way to incorporate some physical activity to a vacation while enjoying the scenery.

投稿者: Marv , 2014年 2月

Great tour! Shows you hidden passages throughout bangkok. The guide had a great knowledge of the back streets where regular tours would never be able to show, the bike ride itself is not easiest however it's relatively flat which makes in tolerable. After 3 hrs you will feel good!

投稿者: Isabel P , 2014年 2月

It was a really great way to see Bangkok when we had just arrived. Tour guide was great and the ride wasn't too hard although at times we had to ride through very narrow roads/footpaths.

投稿者: Katherine T , 2014年 1月

This was the highlight of my Bangkok experience. I was the only person on the tour that day (appreciated that we still carried on instead of it being cancelled!). My guide, Jackie, had a great bubbly personality, and he was very watchful of me, making sure I was staying with him. We wound through back streets and along canals, seeing everyday people going about their lives. I had just the right amount of time at Wat Arun, and we stopped at another, less-touristy temple to see Bangkok's largest seated Buddha, too. Loved this experience!

投稿者: Denise B , 2013年 12月

We had a fantastic time on our bike ride around Bangkok. Our guide Jackie (Chan) was very professional and his attention to our safety was paramount. Also he was very knowlegable about Bangkok. All in all a very enjoyable way to spend a morning

投稿者: Bridgette K , 2013年 12月

We took this tour on 28 August 2013. The tour was fantastic. We went through back streets, ally ways and markets. It was really a great way to see the local Bangkok away from tourists!

投稿者: Horst , 2013年 11月

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
hier ist mir ein Fehler unterlaufen.
Ich wollte diese Tour für den 03 Dezember 2013 buchen.
Können Sie das bitte umbuchen?

mit freundlichen Grüßen
Horst Meiners

投稿者: Michelle K , 2013年 7月

I was the only candidate.....I really enjoyed it. It was quite challenging, but I imagine with a group we may have gone slower. I found it a great way to see the real Bangkok and get some fun exercise at the same time.

投稿者: Sarah H , 2013年 3月

We had a lovely time on this tour. With only 4 people plus the guide it was great to not have to share the guide with to many people. The small alley ways that we went down within the local housing was fascinating and all the people were so friendly when we went past. The different aspects of Bangkok we covered was extensive and the scenery/views were fabulous. Highly recommended to not only tourists but expats as well.

投稿者: Gabriela R , 2013年 2月

Sehr empfehlenswert - netter, gebildeter Reiseleiter - Mr. Kong. Man sieht verborgene Ecken von Bangkok, etwas abseits vom Massentourismus. Schade dass auf Viator nicht mehr Touren von diesem Anbieter angeboten werden. Er bietet noch andere Touren an, die auch interessant klingen. Bangkok by bike - mal etwas anderes!

投稿者: Michael F , 2012年 11月

A great experience. For two fifty something year olds who are not particularly fit, this tour was a bit daunting. However, our guide Jackie, made it an easy and enjoyable experience and we did the 20km easily.

Definitely recommended.

投稿者: Caleigh M , Canada, 2012年 10月

An awesome ride with Jackie Chan! The stops and breaks were well timed. I had a lovely time!

投稿者: Robert K , 2012年 9月

Our bike tour around Bangkok was excellent, the guide was very good and we had a wonderful time. It happened to be very convenient for us as there was only the two of us and the guide but we both had a wonderful time and saw parts of Bangkok that we wouldn't have unless we did the bike tour, we have been to Bangkok many times and seen all the sites so this was definitely a bonus tour

投稿者: NJ S , 2012年 7月

Really enjoyed our day.Felt safer riding the streets of Bangkok than my own home.Our Guide ,a law student was fantastic,we weren't use to the heat(41 degrees)and aren't youngies but fit over 60s but we managed the tour and got to see the real people of Bangkok.Back streets canals markets,temples secluded peaceful havens in a hectic city.

投稿者: Peter Borst N , 2012年 3月

It was a perfect tour - we can absotluly recommnend it - a perfect way too see bangkok

投稿者: JESSICA G , 2011年 2月

Fantastic way to explore the city and our guide Kong was exceptionally friendly and informative. We visited areas of Bangkok that we simply wouldn't have found on foot and were lucky enough to be the only 2 people on that days tour so had a 'private' experience tailored to our requests!! Everything was professionally organised, helmets were included and i would recommend this to anyone wanting to see a bit more of Bangkok than just the usual tourist trail.

投稿者: Daniel M , Australia, 2010年 5月

Fantastic trip - saw the side of Bangkok we would otherwise have missed. Highly recommend.

投稿者: Nicholas D , South Africa, 2010年 5月

very professional guide and enjoyable trip. my only advice is to make the trip shorter or at least provide a shorter tour....I believe for most tourists just 2-2.5 hours would be more enjoyable

投稿者: Noelia C , 2015年 10月

It was excellent! It was a great adventure riding in the streets of Bangkok. I like my tour guide he was very informative. Thank you!!!