• ロケーション: バンコク, タイ
  • 所要時間: 4時間 (約)

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投稿者: Melissa C , 2016年 3月

It was great! Tour guide was great!

投稿者: SmokeLeez , Canada, 2016年 1月

A lot of Fun!
Excellent Tour and Tour Guide/Staff. So informative, friendly, and passionate. Worth Every Penny!!
A must do when visiting Bangkok. Great way to get your bearings.

投稿者: Ruth B , 2015年 12月

The guide was fantastic. He took me soo many pictures and very knowledgeable about Buddhism . The Palace was a dream! Highly recomended

投稿者: Andre M , 2015年 3月

Great tour!

投稿者: Jeffrey L , 2014年 4月

Good tour, but the hot weather made it very difficult

投稿者: Burkhard T , 2014年 4月

Die Tour begann pünktlich am verabredeten Treffpunkt.
Es waren vier Teilnehmer. Englischsprechende Führerin war exellent.
Gutes Timing für die Tour. Klongfahrt sehr gut . Mit Schwimmwesten.
Tour war nach fünf Stunden beendet.

投稿者: R A H , USA, 2014年 1月

I had the best and most knowledgeable guide Ms. Gof as she truly knew
her facts and data that I even used on later tours. She gave me a very quick
info on the area that we were going to visit, history of Thailand and key points and customs about the
city and answered all of my questions. Even though I was running late
as I could not find a taxi driver that wanted to drive downtown and
I had allowed an hour commute time (traffic in downtown Bangkok made LA
look good) and could not believe that the drivers would pass up a fare. Anyway,
my only suggestion would be to ADD transportation option to this tour if you are staying outside of the downton area.
of the d

outside of the immediate downtown area.

投稿者: Klementyna S , 2014年 1月

I only wish we weren't so jet lagged to enjoy more the entire tour! Our fault for booking it for the day of our arrival! PAM was great, she knows a lot about the city, has a sense of humor and the tour was very fun with her. She is also open to questions and always knows the answer!!! I definately recommend this tour especially if you are not spending many days in Bangkok - it includes the must sees in just four hours! It was great!

投稿者: Dale H , 2014年 1月

Our guide Boon was great. Very knowledgable and spoke excellent English. A must if you do not have a lot of time to spend in Bangkok.

投稿者: JASe , USA, 2013年 12月

My tour guide was knowledgeable and professional. The boat, however, is of the Venetian gondola
type, and this may unnerve some. I almost fell into the river. My bum got a soaking, and I later threw
away my slacks, due to the odor. I can laugh now, but I was genuinely scared at the time. The tour,
however, was great, and I heartily recommend this Bangkok tour!

投稿者: Jason C , 2013年 9月

Seeing the giant Buddha was an absolute delight. My tour guide was very knowledgeable and accommodating. I highly recommend this tour.

投稿者: Gillian R , 2013年 8月

Joe our tour guide was excellent. We enjoyed walking from the hotel meeting point through the little streets and past the food stalls to get to the boat. The canal tour was really interesting as we saw the old part of Bangkok. Temples were exquisite and guide very knowledgable.

投稿者: Dale P , 2013年 7月

Pam was wonderful

投稿者: Gregg H , 2013年 7月

Very informative and enlightening insight of The Reclining Buddha. My tour guide was also very sweet!

投稿者: Jennifer Y , 2013年 3月

It was great... My tour guide Pan was amazing. Very knowledgable and new the answers to our questions. She went above and beyond when she helped me get back to my hotel! She is an awesome person!

投稿者: Patricia D , 2013年 1月

diferent and very interesting. our guide Joe was informative and very helpful .his tips helped with the rest of our stay

投稿者: Ruben P , 2013年 1月

Joe was a great guide and really showed us around. Saw lots of impressive sights and the longboat ride at the beginning of the tour was very exciting as the view from the river gives you an altogether different perspective of the city. Thx again Joe

投稿者: CARL R , 2013年 1月

Our experience was very good in a small group. Not always the greatest idea to visit Temples on a Public Holiday(New Year's Day).

投稿者: Clare R , 2012年 12月

Loved it. Walking around Bangkok gave a much better feel for it than driving around on a coach, it felt like really seeing the city. The guide was very friendly and knowledgable and it felt like being out with some friends, rather than on a tour!

投稿者: KristinaP , 2012年 12月

It's great to have a tour guide escort me around to the different places and the sights seen are quite spectacular.

投稿者: Sam H , USA, 2012年 10月

Nice tour and educational

投稿者: Nanny of the Wetwipes , Australia, 2012年 9月

A great tour and guide, Joe Npppt. Joe certainly knew his City and conveyed all information in a manner that was easily understood. At the end of the tour he organised a taxi to take us back to our hotel as he was concerned about us managing to obtain one. He went out of his way to be helpful. I would recommend this tour to anyone and hopefully they would manage to have Joe as their guide. I would rate this five stars

投稿者: schoneberger w , 2012年 4月

We had an extraordinary tour guide who worked very hard to insure we had a great day. This trip did involve a lot of walking, but it was all flat and never a problem. We had a wonderful introduction to the buddhist beliefs and the city of Bangkok, I would highly recommend this trip to you.

投稿者: Michael T , 2012年 3月

The tour was very interesting and I can recommend everyone to visit Grand Palace only with a tour guide. The hotel were we met was not that easy to find and you need a long time to get there, if you do not stay in that district. My hotel was in Silom road. The staff there told me that I should consider 1,5 hours to get there with the taxi. But as my tour was on a Monday morning, the streets were stucked and I took the express boat on Chao Praya river, which was by far the fastest mode of transport in Bangkok. The tour itself was perfect and I enjoyed a private tour with my guide, as the second person didn't show up at the meeting point. We waited half an hour, then we started the tour. Probably the other person was stucked in traffic as well.

投稿者: Kathleen M , 2012年 1月

My daughter and I were the only people on the tour that day. Our guide was charming, knowledgeable, and patient with us as we stopped to take lots of photos. At one point, during the canal cruise, he excitedly pointed out a rather unusual sighting of the Royal Boat. The itinerary was a lot of fun and the sites were simply breathtaking. What a great value for the money! I highly recommend to anyone.