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Though not quite as large as nearby Borobudur, the ancient Hindu temples that make up the impressive Prambanan are spectacular in their own right. Built by the Mataram Kingdom in Central Java around 860 CE, the first temples here were meant to honor Lord Shiva. While many of the later temples erected on this site fell to ruins in an earthquake curing the 16th century, Prambanan still attracts visitors from across the globe seeking to experience walking through one of the Hindu religion’s most prized sites.

Prambanan is divided into three main zones, which include an outer open space, a middle zone housing rows of 224 identical shrines, and an inner zone where eight temples and small shrines dedicated to gods are located.



ジャワ人の生活1日体験: ジョグジャカルタでプラオサンの村々を巡り、プランバナン寺院の夕日を見る個人ツアー

象徴的なプランバナン寺院周辺を1日かけて巡るツアーには、伝統的な交通手段をご用意しています。村の中でジャワ人の実生活や、伝統的な料理が昔ながらの方法でつくられている様をご覧ください。古来から伝わる楽器を演奏し、水田を探索した後、実際にプランバナン寺院が立つ場所で夕日をお楽しみください。 続きを読む

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