イエローストーン国立公園の観光スポット 目的地を全て表示 

Castle Geyser

In 1870, when members of the Washburn Expedition happened upon this Yellowstone geyser, they noted the shape and structure of the crater resembled the tower of a castle. Today, much of that stoic castle tower has gradually dissolved and eroded, although a 90‐foot (27-meter) column of boiling water still erupts with regular frequency. On average, the Castle Geyser has an eruption cycle in the vicinity of 10‐12 hours, and eruptions will last for 20 minutes before the water changes to steam. As opposed to nearby Old Faithful, however, predicting the timing of Castle Geyser can be a little bit tougher, with the tradeoff being the Castle’s roar when the water switches to steam. For the first 15 minutes of Castle Geyser’s steam phase, visitors may experience a thunderous roar like the sound of an oncoming train, as the geyser releases its pent up energy and belches a stream of thick white steam towards the open blue sky above.