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Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum

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The 1974 discovery of thousands of life-sized Terracotta Warriors near Xian was one of the archaeological sensations of the 20th century. The figures date from 210 BC and were meant to guard the first emperor of China in the afterlife.

A huge statue of the emperor now guards the entrance to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, undeniable high point of any trip to Xian. To avoid disturbing these priceless treasures, they were left in situ with enormous structures now shielding them from the elements.

Three enormous pits are filled with row upon row of these remarkable effigies, with the first pit alone holding some 6,000 examples in excellent condition. There is a fourth exhibition space which holds other pieces found here, including bronze horses and chariots.




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シルクロードの起点として有名な西安は、1,100年間にわたる13の王朝の歴史を通して中心都市であり続けました。中国のどんな他の主要都市よりもユニークで、ここには、完全な都市城壁、風変わりな土地の風習、そして中国の基準をもってしても長い歴史があります。西安には、非常に有名な2つのランドマークが存在します。兵馬俑は、重要で ...  続きを読む

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