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Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayanta)

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While the Big Wild Goose Pagoda - or Dayanta - follows the familiar pagoda format of successive levels diminishing in size the higher they get, this solid stone tower is largely free of the frills associated with such buildings. One of Xian’s oldest structures, it was built in 652 and originally had 10 levels, though the top 3 were later lost in an earthquake.

The pagoda played an important role in the spread of Buddhism in China. Relics, figurines and writings associated with the Buddha were brought here from India along the Silk Road which ends in Xian. You can still see statues of the Buddha and other religious figures inside.




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シルクロードの起点として有名な西安は、1,100年間にわたる13の王朝の歴史を通して中心都市であり続けました。中国のどんな他の主要都市よりもユニークで、ここには、完全な都市城壁、風変わりな土地の風習、そして中国の基準をもってしても長い歴史があります。西安には、非常に有名な2つのランドマークが存在します。兵馬俑は、重要で ...  続きを読む

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