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Wachau Valley

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The Wachau Valley is a stretch of the Danube River between Melk and Krems in Lower Austria. It has been peopled since prehistoric times. How do we know this? Because its surrounding mountains contains traces of millennia of civilization, from agricultural use to architecture including villages, castles and monasteries, particularly dating from medieval times. Melk Abbey is rich in art and history and is a good place to start. Another way to see the area is by boat cruise down the Danube, seeing the many villages unfold as you round each bend in the river.

In 2002, UNESCO listed it as a World Heritage Cultural Landscape so it must be good.




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ウィーン発の日帰り旅行で名高いドナウ川沿いを観光しながら、ユネスコ世界遺産に登録されているオーストリアのヴァッハウ渓谷の絶景をお楽しみください。 ...  続きを読む

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