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Danube River at Vienna

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Until the late 19th century the Danube River, or Donau Kanal, was unregulated and formed a 5-mile (8 km) wide wetland which regularly flooded nearby villages around Vienna. In 1870 the river was dammed and a new river channel formed for shipping. The mighty river continued to flood periodically and after 1972 a new flood-control project was started. This resulted in the creation of the Danube Island and Danube Canal or Little Danube, which runs past the old town. Both are now popular as picnic areas. In June, the annual Danube Island Festival attracts over three million visitors. In summer, the Viennese flock to the Old Danube to swim, sail, row, paddleboat and even surf! Okay, so that's in a wave pool but there are still three surf and sail schools, plus beaches including a nudist area. Something for everyone.




ウィーンには美術館や宮殿以外にも楽しめる場所が数多くあります。電動アシスト自転車でガイドと共に小グループで巡るこの4時間のサイクリングツアーで、ウィーンの足元ある素晴らしい緑の風景をお楽しみください。ドナウ運河沿いを走行してウィーンで最も高い丘、カーレンベルクへ向かい、ドナウ島を観光し、美しいブドウ園やその他様々な風 ...  続きを読む

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