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Grand Canal

As you exit onto the back terrace of the Palace of Versailles, the breathtaking view of the royal gardens is dominated by the Grand Canal, which leads your eye to the farthest perimeter of the grounds. But although it is a spectacular feature of the park, it was designed and is used today as a practical feature of the gardens.

Constructed over the course of a decade in the late 17th century under the reign of Louis the XIV, its original name – Little Venice – came from the canal's inaugural gifts from the Doge of Venice: a full set of gondolas, complete with Venetian gondoliers. Also moored there were various ships and yachts built to the scale of the canal and used in elaborate water shows and recreations of famous battles. But the canal is also the main feature of the irrigation systems for the gardens, used to drain off water from the higher elevations and pumped back uphill to re-water them – a genius move for its time.



ベルサイユのウォーキング ツアーとオプションの噴水ショー

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ベルサイユ宮殿と庭園はパリを訪れたら必見の場所です。 また、夏季には有名な噴水のショーを楽しむオプションもあります。 ベルサイユの一般入場の列をスキップできます。 続きを読む

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