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San Zeno Maggiore Church

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The striking church of San Zeno Maggiore has two claims to fame: firstly for the fact that its crypt is the legendary setting of the marriage of Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare’s famous play, and secondly for its colorful Romanesque architecture. With an ornate façade constructed from soft tufa stone, the church has its origins in the fifth century but was largely rebuilt six hundred years later, with fine rose windows, columns supported by lions and massive bronze doors with panels illustrating biblical scenes.

The interior is equally elaborate, with a gaily striped and arched central nave plus two side aisle; it contains several important religious treasures including the remains of San Zeno, the patron saint of Verona, in the crypt, and paintings by Mantegna, and is topped by a decorative wooden roof.




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この乗り降り自由の市内観光バス ツアーは、ヴェローナの名所をひと通り見て回るのに最適です。 詳しい解説付きの快適で安全なバスでヴェローナの美しいスポットをすべて巡ることができます。 2路線16か所の停留所で1日自由に乗り降りできるオープントップのダブルデッカー バスでヴェローナの観光をお楽しみ下さい。 ...  続きを読む

  • ロケーション: ヴェローナ, イタリア
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