Frari Church

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Frari Church, whose official name is Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, is one of the grandest churches in Venice. It sits in the San Polo district on the Campo dei Frari and is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. The church contains many Renaissance masterpieces and monuments to Renaissance artists and sculptors. It was built in an Italian Gothic style, and visitors will notice the plain exterior. This was intentional as it emphasizes the Franciscan values of poverty and austerity. 

Inside you can see Titian's Madonna di Ca' Pesaro in the left aisle, which was modeled after his wife who died in childbirth. Over the main alter is Titian's Assumption of the Virgin. This piece is famous for its innovative style and bright colors, though at the time, the church was hesitant to accept the piece because of these features. Titian's tomb is in the church. Other notable artwork that can be seen in Frari Church includes Giovanni Bellini's Madonna and Child with Saints, Bartolomeo Vivarini's altarpiece St. Mark Enthroned and Saints John the Baptist, Jerome, Peter, and Nicholas, and Donatello's John the Baptist.
住所: San Polo, Venice, Italy, イタリア


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