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Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

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Stanley Park's biggest draw, the aquarium is home to 9,000 water-loving creatures - including sharks, dolphins, Amazonian caimans, and a somewhat shy octopus. There's also a small, walk-through rainforest area full of birds, butterflies, and turtles. Check out the iridescent jellyfish tank and the two sea otters that eat the way everyone should: lying on their backs using their chests as plates.

Beluga whales whistle and blow water at onlookers in the icy-blue Arctic Canada exhibit, while in the Amazon rainforest, an hourly rainstorm falls in an atrium filled with three-toed sloths, stunning blue and green poison tree frogs, and even piranhas. For a local perspective, check out the Pacific Canada exhibit, where you can see Pacific salmon, giant Pacific Octopus, Stellar see lions, and a Pacific white-sided dolphin.



優先入場: バンクーバー水族館

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スタンレーパーク内にあるバンクーバー水族館は、5万種類もの海洋生物の驚きに満ちあふれています。事前予約による入場券で行列をスキップし、人気のアトラクションを並ばずに体験できます。インタラクティブな展示、参加型のアクティビティをお楽しみください。動物好きな方であれば、年齢を問わず、カナダ北極圏やアマゾン熱帯雨林を模したさ ...  続きを読む

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