Lladró Museum

Perhaps you may be familiar with Lladró and its porcelain figurines. The fragile pieces typically depict people, and especially women, who are often pensive or frozen in artistic motion. The internationally famous works of art originate from the Valencian suburb of Tavernes Blanques, and have been handmade there since the business got started by the Lladró family in 1953.

While their beauty alone might be enough to satisfy your curiosity, you can also learn more about their history at the Lladró Museum. There, you can explore many facets of the brand’s past as you view a chronological display of noteworthy pieces that are no longer being made. A portion of the museum also consists of a private collection of paintings that is considered one of the most notable in Spain. The pieces span different artistic eras, and are the work of a variety of artists, ranging from El Greco to Zurburán and Valencia-native Sorolla. 

Probably the highlight of a trip to the Lladró Museum, however, is a visit to the factory, where you can gain new appreciation for the intricate handiwork that goes into each figurine. Observing the artisans work on real projects — whether creating molds, painting faces, or piecing everything together — will bring new meaning and value to the impressive finished product.

Practical Info

The Lladró Museum is located about 15 minutes away from Valencia’s city center. It is open Monday through Saturday, although hours are reduced during the month of August. Though entrance is free, it’s important to note that your visit must be booked in advance.
住所: C/ Poeta Querol, 9, Valencia, Spain 46002, スペイン
営業時間: Mon-Fri 9:30am-5pm, Sat 9:30am-1pm

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