House of San Vicente Ferrer

Cities and regions across Spain have their own patron saints. In Valencia, one of those saints is none other than San Vicente Ferrer, who was born in this very city in the 14th century. It should come as no surprise, then, that his former “home” is a sacred spot for Catholics, and especially for Valencians.

It’s not exactly his home, though, but rather the site of his home. Instead, what you will find in this place is a chapel, much of which was actually constructed in the 20th century. Apart from the intimately sized interior, the tiny church is also home to the hallowed water well after which its street is named, as well as a colorful entryway decorated with tiles depicting the saint’s different miracles.

Given that this is a patron saint of both the city of Valencia and the larger community, this site is considered a holy destination for many locals, and even more so during the San Vincente Ferrer Festivity. That’s when a handful of important events take place, including a flower offering, a procession through town, and the enactment of different miracles at 14 altars throughout the city. 

Practical Info

The House of San Vincente Ferrer is situated in the southeastern part of Valencia’s old quarter, and reachable by a variety of bus lines. Since it is a church and not actually a house, entrance is free and there aren’t any formalized visits. That said, visitors should be sensitive to the fact that this is an active church to which believers still come to pray and attend mass.
住所: Pouet de San Vicent 1, Valencia, Spain 46003, スペイン
営業時間: Mon-Fri 10am-2pm & 4:30pm-8:30pm

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