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Monument Valley

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Monument Valley is a land of contrast. With orange sands set against a cerulean blue sky, and the magnificent red-rock buttes jutting out of the earth, the sight is other worldly.

Monument Valley is a part of the Colorado Plateau. It's made up of red sandstone buttes that tower up to 1,000 feet (304 meters) above the ground. Stretching from the Arizona to Utah desert, the area is composed of basins, strange rock formations, cactus, and the bright desert sands.

There are plenty of hikes, horse trails, valley, and hills to climb in the area. The most popular destination is the Four Corners Monument, where you can gaze at the border of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.




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このラスベガス発の3日間ツアーでは、アメリカ南西部で人気の名所を訪れます。 セドナ、モニュメント バレー、アンテロープ キャニオンなど盛りだくさんです! 往復の移動、旅程に記載の食事、2泊の宿泊が含まれています。 続きを読む

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