Forte dei Marmi

Sitting seaside off the coast of Tuscany, the village of Forte dei Marmi has been a popular coastal holiday spot for hundreds of years. Tourism began here in the 18th century when wealthy families would travel from inland Tuscany for the cooler air of the beach here. Some built villas by the sea that still remain today. Translated the name means ‘fort of marbles,’ after the large fort built to protect from coastal attacks, which rises up above the middle of town.

There are wide expanses of sandy beach alongside forests of pinewood and the Apuane Alps. Though the number of visitors triples in the summer season, Forte dei Marmi is thought to be a well-kept secret and maintains its peaceful, tranquil air year-round. There is a wide waterfront promenade that is great for walking or biking by the sea. It remains a holiday destination for many wealthy Italians. 

Practical Info

Forte dei Marmi is located in the Lucca province of Italy, in an area called Versilia. It is situated on the northern Tuscany coast between the Marinas of Ronci and Pietrasanta. Florence is about an hour’s drive away. The closest train station is Querceta.

住所: Lucca, Tuscany, Italy, イタリア

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