Turkish Rivieraの観光スポット

Turkish Riviera

Antalaya Old Town (Kaleici)

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Antalya Old Town - or Kaleici - is the picturesque old quarter in the center of present day Antalya. With its narrow winding streets and historic wooden houses, bars, restaurants and Ottoman-style ...  続きを読む

Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi)

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The beautiful spot known as Kelebekler Vadisi, or “Butterfly Valley,” holds an almost mythical attraction for many travelers to Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, perhaps because of its relative ...  続きを読む

Bodrum Amphitheater


One of the most important and best-preserved remains of the ancient city of Halicarnassus, the Bodrum Amphitheater boasts a dramatic location, carved into the hillside above the city of Bodrum. ...  続きを読む

Bodrum Marina


Often nicknamed the St Tropez of Turkey, Bodrum has earned itself a stellar reputation among cruise travelers. The lively Bodrum Marina, a well-equipped and modern harbor with space for up to 500 ...  続きを読む

Bodrum Peninsula


With its crystal-clear waters teeming with colorful corals and sweeping coastal cliffs giving way to sandy beaches and secluded coves, the Bodrum Peninsula is one of Turkey’s most scenic ...  続きを読む

Lycian Rock Tombs


Carved into the cliffside above town is a group of ancient Lycian tombs that have become some of Fethiye’s most famous landmarks. Set higher than the rest, the most important of the tombs was built ...  続きを読む