Palazzo Reale

The Palazzo di Reale, or Royal Palace of Turin, was originally the Bishops Palace in old Turin, when the city became the capital of Savoy. It was taken over by Duke Emmanuel Philbert and became his residence until his death in 1580, at which point his son, Charles Emmanuel I moved in.

Though already large and opulent, the Palace grew in magnificence following the marriage of Charles Emmanuel's son, Victor Amadeus, to French Princess Christine Marie. She is responsible for modernizing the palace to 17th century standards, employing renowned architect Filippo Juvarra. The most famous of his additions is Scala delle Forbici, a magnificient staircase. Christine Marie eventually moved into a different palace, la Palazza Madama, also rebuilt by Juvarra.

Today, the palace is a premier example of classic European aristocracy. It houses a museum dedicated to the House of Savoy, and its armory is a point of interest, as it contains a wide variety of historical arms and armor. The palace itself is richly decorated in tapestries, and many priceless works of art, including Chinese and Japanese vases adorn its many apartments.

Its biggest draw, however, is the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, added between 1668 and 1694. It is the junction between the palace and the Duomo di Turin, also know as the Cathedral of John the Baptist.

Practical Info

Despite its luxury, size and lavish apportions, Royal Palace was eventually dwarfed in importance by the Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi in the early 18th century. However, in modern times, it is a major attraction in Turin due to its proximity and relationship to the Duomo di Turin.

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