Woodford Square

Woodford Square is the main square of Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city of Port of Spain, which is located on the island’s west coast. Woodford Square has historical significance in Trinidad and Tobago as it is where Dr. Eric Williams gave a speech that helped lead the island to declare its independence from Great Britain. He later became Trinidad and Tobago's first prime minister. Woodford Square was formerly known as Brunswick Square and is home to some of Port of Spain's most prominent sites plus shopping and restaurants.

The top sights to see in Woodford Square include the Red House, which is home to the House of Parliament; the Hall of Justice, where judiciary proceedings occur; Trinity Cathedral, an Anglican cathedral; Trinidad’s City Hall; and the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago.

Practical Info

Woodford Square is located near the center of Port of Spain and can be walked to quite easily from most areas of Port of Spain. Many hotels are located near Woodford Square and are popular to stay in due to their convenience to the square’s sights. If staying outside Port of Spain, you can visit Woodford Square on an escorted day tour or take public transportation or a rental car into Port of Spain for the day.
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