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Apuseni Natural Park

With its otherworldly karst landscape, riddled with caves, cliffs and cirques, the unique topography of Apuseni Natural Park makes it one of Romania’s most mesmerizing natural wonders. Declared a protected area back in 2000, Apuseni is best known for its natural caves, of which there are around 200, including the Scarisoara Ice Cave, formed around a magnificent underground glacier, and the Bears’ Cave, named for the skeletons of extinct bears found within. Additional highlights include the dramatic Groapa Ruginoasa (Ruginoasa Canyon), the Fortresses of Ponor, the Ghetarul Vartop Cave and the Aries Valley, home to the Albac, Garda and Arieseni villages.

The striking landscape of Apuseni offers the ideal terrain for hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing, while cross-country skiing has also become popular during the winter months.