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National Diet Building

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The National Diet Building is the center of Japanese politics, as it houses both chambers of the Diet, or legislative arm: the House of Representatives, which meets in the left wing, and the House of Councillors, which meets in the right wing. Built in 1936, the building is constructed almost entirely of Japanese materials.

The building is iconic for its pyramid-shaped dome in the center of the complex, which made it the tallest building in Japan at completion. The interior is decorated with cultural artifacts and art pieces, such as bronze statues of the men who are credited with formulating Japan's first modern constitution. The building sits on land once inhabited by feudal lords, giving the spot even more historical significance. It is sometimes referred to as the House of Parliament or the Government building in Tokyo.



1日の東京バス ツアー

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エアコン付きのバスで東京の人気アトラクションを巡るクルーズ付きの9時間のツアーです。 明治神宮、皇居、浅草の浅草寺、東京スカイツリーなどの観光スポットを音声ガイドと共に巡るツアーです。また、必見スポットを1日でお楽しみいただけます。 続きを読む

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