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Edo Wonderland

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Step back in time to the Edo period (1603-1857), one of Japan's most intriguing eras, at Edo Wonderland. This theme park recreates history in impressive and accurate detail with a replica Edo period town, complete with actors in period costumes, ninja demonstrations, period-appropriate architecture and theater performances featuring courtesans and feudal lords. Visitors can eat at restaurants selling Edo-style food, rent and purchase costumes to wear in the town and buy souvenirs related to the time period.

Some of the most popular attractions in town include the Haunted Temple, decorated with spirits and demons found in Japanese folklore, and the House of Illusions, filled with trick mirrors. Kids and adults alike enjoy the Ninja Trick Maze, a challenging labyrinth, Edo Wonderland is entertaining as it is a history lesson on an era that came to define Japan.