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The Pampas


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Buenos Aires’ largest barrio, the northern district of Palermo encompasses a number of city hotspots, favored by the city’s most cosmopolitan and fashionable ...  続きを読む

Recoleta Cemetery

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While it may seem odd that one of Buenos Aires’ principal tourist attractions is a cemetery, the Recoleta Cemetery is no ordinary graveyard. Encircled by a ...  続きを読む

La Boca

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South of downtown Buenos Aires, by the port, the working-class enclave of La Boca has a strong Italian flavor and plenty of artistic flair. The barrio is ...  続きを読む

Casa Rosada

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The eye-catching salmon-pink façade of Argentina’s presidential palace is one of the capital’s most iconic sights, standing proud over the city’s ...  続きを読む

Buenos Aires Botanical Garden

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Located in the heart of the Palermo neighborhood, the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden opened in 1898 based on a design by French architect Carlos Thays. Today ...  続きを読む

Buenos Aires Zoo

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With over 350 different animal species and an acclaimed exotic breeding program, Buenos Aires Zoo is the go-to place for urban wildlife spotting, hitting ...  続きを読む

National Library

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Located in a quiet corner of Recoleta, the Argentine National Library is the largest library in the country and one of the most important in South America. In ...  続きを読む

Don Silvano Ranch

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Don Silvano Ranch (Estancia Don Silvano in Spanish) sits on the pampas outside the Argentine capital. A day trip to this ranch gives visitors a glimpse into ...  続きを読む

Cafe Tortoni

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Buenos Aires enjoys a vibrant cafe culture, but few of the city’s cafes are quite as iconic as Cafe Tortoni. Opened in 1858 by a French immigrant, the cafe ...  続きを読む

Kavanagh Building

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On a corner of Plaza San Martin in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires stands one of its most iconic buildings. The Kavanagh Building was designed in 1934 ...  続きを読む


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With its scenic waterways, riverside funfair and lively handicrafts market, the charming provincial town of Tigre offers a welcome change of pace from nearby ...  続きを読む

Plaza de la Republica

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One of Buenos Aires’s most famous landmarks, the Obelisco (Obelisk), is located in the center of Plaza de la Republica. Erected in 1936 to commemorate the ...  続きを読む

Esquina Homero Manzi

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Few tango venues have as illustrious a history as the Esquina Homero Manzi, built in 1917 and earning a reputation as an important cultural hub in the 1940s, ...  続きを読む

Avenida 9 De Julio

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Porteños often boast about Avenida 9 De Julio as the world’s widest boulevard, and with a width of 460 feet (140 meters) with 12 lanes of traffic, they ...  続きを読む

Plaza Italia

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Plaza Italia, a small perk located in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, was originally built in 1898 and named Plaza de los Portones, or Plaza of the ...  続きを読む