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タイには多くの少数民族が住んでおり、その中でもチェンマイを囲む山々には山岳民族が住んでいることで有名です。山岳民族の村は見学することができ、タイの少数民族の伝統や文化を知る貴重な体験ができます。  ...  続きを読む

Top Day Cruises from Phuket

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Located on Thailand’s west coast, just south of Bangkok, the city of Phuket serves as a gateway to the blue seas and white sand beaches of the Thai Islands. By basing yourself on the island of ...  続きを読む

Buddhist Temple Tours From Bangkok

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If you take the Ayutthaya Temple tour and boat cruise, then you get to see the old site of a once thriving Siamese kingdom, 53 mi (85 km) out of Bangkok. The Ayutthaya Temples are a UNESCO World ...  続きを読む

3 Days in Bangkok: Suggested Itineraries

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Bangkok’s exciting blend of historical landmarks, notorious entertainment venues and rapid modernization draws eleven million visitors every year, placing it third, worldwide, behind Paris and ...  続きを読む