Siam Park

Siam Park
With everything from high-speed water slides to hair-raising amusement rides, there’s every opportunity to get your adrenaline pumping at Siam Park, and as long as you’re happy to get wet, Europe’s biggest water park is sure to be a hit.  Opening its doors in 2007, the Thai-themed park was designed by Christoph Kiessling and features a Thai floating market and Thai restaurants. Even just strolling through the park is an experience, with exotic architecture, streams filled with tropical fish and a huge white-sand beach, dotted with plenty of family-safe swimming areas and relaxing Jacuzzi baths.

Thrillseekers will likely make a beeline for the legendary Tower of Power – a vertical transparent slide that plummets riders through a pool of sharks and stingrays, or The Dragon, a gravity-defying Proslide Tornado, but less-confident swimmers might prefer to tackle the Jungle Snake slides or take a rafting trip along the Mekong Rapids. Additional highlights include the Wave Palace, where you can learn to surf on waves rising up to 3 meters high, the Lost City children’s play area and the six-lane racing slides.
住所: Avenida Siam Park, Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife 38670, スペイン

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