テネリフェの観光スポット 目的地を全て表示 

La Caldera

Pine trees, volcanic geography, and views upon views are what you’ll find when exploring Tenerife’s La Caldera and the region that surrounds it. A volcanic crater, La Caldera is situated in La Orotava Valley, which spans the northern part of the island’s central coast. La Orotava is packed with more than just pretty scenery but also trails, including those around La Caldera and its recreation area.

Easily accessible, the La Caldera crater is where you’ll find picnic tables and a playground, along with other facilities, including a restaurant. But it’s the woodland wonderland that surrounds all of this that you may be more keen to explore, particularly the loop that circles the crater and ventures off into the mountainous landscape beyond. The roughly 3-hour excursion, which begins from the recreation area, passes through the region’s mossy, fern-filled terrain, and offers impressive views of Tenerife, including El Teide.