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3 Days in Tel Aviv: Suggested Itineraries

Viator (ビアター)提供, 2015年 2月

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Tel Aviv is a new city, established only a century ago, so it’s a prime location for lovers of modern architecture. In fact, the White City area has such a concentration of international-style Bauhaus buildings, it’s been declared a World Heritage site. The dining is multicultural in Tel Aviv, a city that crams more sushi restaurants into its lushly treed avenues and shopping malls than most Japanese cities can boast. Of course, you’re going to want to try some down-home Jewish cooking like gefilte fish, chopped liver and the Tel Aviv specialties, humus and falafel.

Tel Aviv is an ideal base for day trips to Israel’s highlights. Tour the Old City of Jerusalem and visit biblical, Byzantine, Armenian and Jewish sites in the city. Have a lighter-than-air float and wellness session in the Dead Sea, followed by a scrub in the natural minerals of the therapeutic mud. Travel through the desert to Jericho, one of the world’s oldest cities.