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Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Since 2011 artists, creators and visionaries have gathered at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park—an old renovated tobacco factory—to showcase work, engage in arts education and inspire industry insiders.

Travelers can wander the grounds, which include five old warehouses, a design museum and lab, a restaurant, garden and ecological pond. Public maps point visitors in the direction of popular shops, like the Liuligongfang glass store, as well as exhibit halls showcasing contemporary art, handmade designs and other local goods often available for purchase.




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地元の交通機関を利用して市内を回りながら、現地人の視点から眺める台北の風景を満喫します。 親しみやすく知識豊富なガイドが、MRT、バス、自転車、徒歩による移動に同伴し、終日ツアーの最後までこの大都市のさまざまなハイライトにご案内します。 ...  続きを読む

  • ロケーション: 台北, 台湾
  • 所要時間: 7~8時間
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