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Shilin Night Market

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Food vendors, mom and pop restaurants, video arcades and karaoke bars are just part of the draw Shilin Night Market. This tiny Taipei district comes alive at night when the doors of some 539 food court stalls, and small shops selling items that range from electronics to dress shoes open for business. Bold scents waft through the air and bright lights fill otherwise darkened streets, making this the perfect place to explore what local city nightlife is all about.

Visitors in search of typical fare will find literally hundreds of options at Shilin Night Market. Cold bubble tea, strong and sweet coffee, fried buns, intestines and stinky tofu are just some of the delights awaiting adventurous eaters. Travelers should come hungry and ready to explore, since navigating the network of stalls can take an entire evening.




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台北で過ごす時間が1日しかない皆様、この市内観光ツアーには、台北のすべてが詰まっています! 高層建築技術の粋を集めた「台北101」から、精緻を極める美しい龍山寺まで、知識豊富な現地ガイドが、台湾首都で必見の数々のアトラクションをご紹介します。 ツアーでは、林安泰古厝(民俗文物館)、グランド ...  続きを読む

  • ロケーション: 台北, 台湾
  • 所要時間: 8~10時間
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