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Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout

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In addition to the Bridge Climb, there is a cheap alternative to get the famous view from the top of town on the Sydney Harbour Bridge–the Pylon Lookout. The bridge walkway leads to the South East Pylon and to the entrance of the lookout, from where 200 steps lead up to the viewing platform located 285 feet above sea level.

From here enjoy fantastic panorama views of the Opera House, Circular Quay and the two arches of the Harbour Bridge. You'll also be able to observe the daring bridge climbers. The Pylon Lookout doesn't only consist of the viewing platform though, but is made up of three levels of exhibits. A visit to the small museum located inside the Pylon is included in an admission ticket and includes information about the history and construction of the bridge, including the dangerous working conditions of the riveters, stonemasons and riggers who constructed it. Hear incredible stories, such as the tale of a worker who survived a fall from the bridge.




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専門ガイドの案内でシドニーハーバーブリッジを登って、最高の体験をしましょう。 高さ440フィート(134メートル)の頂上まで登りながら、素晴らしい眺望を堪能し、シドニーを象徴するこの建築物について学ぶことができます。 クライムには、中間地点まで登るお試しツアーを含む複数のオプションが用意されています。 ...  続きを読む

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