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Susannah Place Museum

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At the foot of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge lies the city’s historic birthplace, the Rocks: a quarter of winding streets, small sandstone houses and some of the oldest pubs in town. It was here that the colonists from the First Fleet settled, and the site soon became home to the strong community network of Sydney’s working class.

The Susannah Place Museum, a small complex dating back to 1844, tells the story of these former residents. It consists of four terrace houses and a mom-and-pop shop that sells historical artifacts and typical Australian souvenirs. The museum gives fascinating insight into the hard urban life of the working class during colonial times, with workers' stories reconstructed through oral histories. Visitors are shown a documentary about those who lived here and are then given a tour through the buildings, which are all preserved in their original condition.



シドニーアトラクションパス(タロンガ動物園、シドニーオペラハウス、SEA LIFEシドニー水族館を含む)

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シドニーオペラハウス、SEA LIFEシドニー水族館、タロンガ動物園、シドニー港など、シドニーには見どころがいっぱいです。 シドニーアトラクションパスは、シドニーを訪れた人すべてにとって頼りになる旅のお供です。 ...  続きを読む

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